My UK Adventure: Manchester (Part 2)

Eiyo dear mates, syukur Alhamdulillah today I'am able to update this blog. Did some of you remember in my last post i promised to update ya  the second part of my United Kingdom adventure. Well, it's been a month already. Oh gosh! So sorry it took a long time. I've been busy lately. Asalkan weekend jer ada event. Huhuhu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok'lah, now let's get started with the part 2 of my UK adventure. But before i start my story, let me tell ya that this part 2 is more special to me compare to the part 1. The part 2 of my UK adventure took place in Manchester. Manchester is my alma mater. Yep, i used to stayed and studied there for 2 years. So it's a memory lane adventure for me. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 February 2017: Bye Bye London >> Hello Manchester

The arch bridge at Aytoun Street. Inilah landmark famous for Manchester Metropolitan University Business School

Manchester City Center haven't change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh it was so great to be back! It just make me realize how fast time has pass by and how i miss Manchester

It was our last day in London and time to say goodbye to all the British Museums, Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, Arsenal Football Club, Camden Market and other hotspots. I was feeling very excited to return to my alma mater - Manchester. It's been 8 years since i left Manchester. Lepas grad tu memang dah x ada visit dah Manchester. Dah asyik dok travel ke East Asia and SEA jer. 

From London (Euston Station) we took Virgin Trains to Manchester. The train ride took us 3 hours 36 minutes to reach Manchester Piccadilly Train Station. At Manchester, we stayed at Holiday Inn Hotel. The Holiday Inn Hotel that we stayed is situated in the middle of Manchester's city center at Aytoun Street. The hotel also wasn't far from the train station. We can only walk from the train station to our hotel. 

After checking in. We rested for at least 2 hours. Later me and my Abeoji decided to explore Manchester city center, while Eomoni continues to rest. Wow!!!!!!!!!! The city center didn't change that much. Most of my favorite stores that i love to shop when i was a student ae still there. I was so happy. I just can describe a word. Me and Abeoji also when for dinner at Nandos in Arndale Shopping center (the mall in the city center. One of my lepak spot masa blaja sana). Fyi, Nandos in UK are all halal. So selamat utk dine there. After dinner we went back to Holiday Inn and tapau something for Eomoni to eat.

7 February 2017 : Manchester City's Etihad Stadium & My Memory Lane Tour

At Manchester City's Etihad Stadium

Manchester Metropolitan University! Yeay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Proud to be an alumni of this awesome uni ^_^

Wilmslow Park Student Home. This where i used to stay during my first year in Manchester

The next day after breakfast, Abeoji and Eomoni took me to visit Manchester City's Etihad Stadium. Masa study di Manchester dulu saya x pernah langsung jejak kaki ke Etihad Stadium. Maklumlah masa tu musuh giler dgn Manchester City sebab time tu penyokong tegar Manchester United. Tapi sekarang nie pun saya bukan juga penyokong Manchester City. Jgn salah paham yer. Saja jer visit MC nyer stadium. Just for photos and visiting the souvenir store. 

After we are done with Etihad Stadium, it's time to start my memory lane tour ^_^ Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy sgt ^_^ We do all the things i've done zaman belajar dulu. Including riding the Stage Coach Bus (bus yg selalu saya naik zaman belajar dulu). We've visited Manchester Metropolitan University main building - the All Saints campus, the student union, the student gym- Sugden Sports Center, the student homes that i stayed - Oxford Court and Wilmslow Park, all the cafes and restaurants i used to dine at, and also my campus -Hollings Campus (where i undertook BSC Hons International Fashion Marketing for two years). 

PS: Insya'Allah kalo saya kesempatan selepas ini, saya akan post a SPECIAL EPISODE OF MY UK ADVENTURE IN MANCHESTER: MY MEMORY LANE TOUR. So pls STAY TUNE!

8 February 2017 : Manchester United's Old Trafford & Shopping at Trafford Center

At Old Trafford! Used to be a fan of MU. But not anymore since Ronaldo left all time favorite footballer- Cristiano Ronaldo!

On our third day in Manchester, we've visited Manchester United Football Club stadium - the Old Trafford. Although i'm no longer a supporter of MU, but i would like to recall the nostalgia back during my student days. Yup, that time i was an MU massive supporter. Time tu memang seronok giler tengok MU main. Time Cristiano Ronaldo was one of the hottest MU star. Yup, CR7 was my favorite footballer and still my favorite until now. He is forever awesome. Insya'Allah. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After we were done with Old Trafford, we went for shopping at Manchester's biggest mall - the Trafford Center. Trafford Center is situated outside of Manchester City Center. It is near to Old Trafford stadium. The mall is very huge with a lot imaginative themes and props inside. Shopping or having a trip to Trafford Center is an experience of a lifetime. To me Trafford Center is a must visit if visit Manchester besides Old Trafford and Etihad Stadium. It is similar to our Sunway Pyramid Mall. Trafford Center also haven't change that much. Most of my favorite shops are still there ^_^ I always enjoy going to Trafford Center. I love that mall a lot especially the food court.

9 February 2017: Bye Bye Manchester >> back to London >> straight to Heathrow Airport >> return to Malaysia

At Manchester Piccadilly Train Station waiting for the train to Euston Station, London

Flying home to Malaysia ^_^ Syukur Alhamdulillah UK Adventure was awesome ^_^

The 9 of February was our last day in Manchester and it was also the closing of my UK adventure. Huhuhu................

Right after breakfast, we check out from Holiday Inn Manchester City Center and when straight to Manchester Piccadilly Train Station to catch our train ride to Euston Station, London. We reached London in the afternoon. From Euston Station, we took London's black cab to Heathrow Airport. Before 10 pm London time (if i remember la :P) , we flew back to Malaysia and that was the end of my UK Adventure.

My UK Adventure last for almost 2 weeks (30 January 2017- 9 February 2017). The vacation was awesome and fantastic. Syukur Alhamdulillah i got to experience another good adventure ^_^ During this adventure i also got the chance to experience a lot of news things (especially watching broadway show live) although this is my fifth time in London and second time in Manchester. Paling best sekali saya dpt visit balik tempat saya pernah tinggal dulu iaitu Manchester. Manchester mean a lot to me becoz it was my first time getting the chance to experience living alone all by myself for 2 years. During my 2 years in Manchester, i've learn to be independent, survival skills, do everything on my own, and it was also my first time learning how to cook. ^_^ Sebab itulah vacation kali ini sgt bermakna buat saya. Terima kasih to my Abeoji and Eomoni for this vacation. Really appreciate it a lot. Insya'Allah kalo ada rezeki saya akan ke London and Manchester lagi.

Ok'lah, that's all from me. Insya'Allah either selepas ini or hari lain saya akan post a SPECIAL EPISODE OF MY UK ADVENTURE IN MANCHESTER :MY MEMORY LANE TOUR. So pls STAY TUNE for that one. Tetapi memandangkan sudah masuk jam 5.45 petang and i have to do my Asar and continue with exercise routine, so i guess the special episode have to be postpone to another day. Macam mana pun pls stay tune for it ya. Tqvm.


Fadima Mooneira ^_^

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