My Top 3 Recommendations For Girls Day Out Yam Cha at Putrajaya

Hello! Bon weekend! ^_^

How's everyone doing this weekend? I'm sure guys are having a lot of fun spending your weekend with family, love ones, and pals. Maybe ada juga some of you yg spend your weekend doing your hobbies like photographies, drawings, sports activities, shopping, and many more kan. 

Ok'lah, in this new entry i wanna share with you my top 3 recommendation restaurants and cafes in Putrajaya that to me is the best spot for girls day out yam cha with your galpals. What is yam cha? I'm sure most of you dah tahu kan. Yam cha means eating, chit-chating, and having a lot of fun together. Yup, that is one of my favorite activities when i'm hanging out with my girls besides shopping and watching movies. 

Ok, let's get started and this time i wanna start with no.3 first. Save the best for last ^_^

3. Serabei Restaurant

Me and my girls at Serabei Restaurant. The ambiance is warm and clean. 

Black Pepper Beef Fried Rice -my favorite menu at Serabei. Sedap-licious!

Honeydew ice blended -my favorite beverage at Serabei

This Serabei - the signature dish/desert. You MUST try this when dining at Serabei!

Me and my China galpal, Heather enjoying ourself dining at Serabei

Unlike Secret Recipe, Serabei is another fusion food restaurant. This restaurant serve foods from the east coast of Malaysia (Kelantan & Terengganu) in a modern serving way. The food at Serabei are very delicious and tasty. My favorite is the black pepper beef friend rice, spicy cili crab nasi kerabu, lamb nasi kerabu, the Serabei desert, and the honeydew ice blended. Besides the food, Serabei Restaurant also provides good customer service. The staffs are very friendly. The ambiance of the restaurant is also very calm and good for yam cha. For those yg memang foodie and gemar mengupload gambar makanan dlm IG or any social media account, I recommend Serabei is one of the best place for you. Pelbagai hidangan yg menarik boley di snap shot dan diupload dlm media social anda. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!! To those yg ada international friends to take yam cha in Putrajaya, i would also like to recommend Serabei Restaurant to you. It is because Serabei serves local cuisine with international presentation. So i'm sure your international friends will enjoy dining at Serabei Restaurant. Even i also once bring my friend from China to dine a Serabei when she visited me last January. My China friend likes the food at Serabei a lot and wish to dine here again when she visit Malaysia next time. I'am also planning to take most of my international friends to dine at Serabei when they visit me in Malaysia.

For those yg nak try yam cha at Serabei, the restaurant is located in A2-G-34, Ayer 8, Jalan P8G, Presint 8, 62250 Putrajaya. The restaurant is open everyday from 10.30 am - 11pm.

2.  T-Lounge by Dilma

Erm,.........if i'm not mistaken this one is the Pasta Aglio-Olio. (Sorry la Fadet terpaksa pakai gamba ko pulak. Nie gamba yg paling menarik kita pernah tangkap kat Dilma)

Beef Lasagna - pun sedap giler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cream Salmon - one of my favorite dish at T-Lounge by Dilma

Prince of Kandy Ice Tea - a beverage you MUST try!

The ambiance also make T-Lounge by Dilma a good place for selfie and wefie

T-Lounge by Dilma is one of our (me and my girls) favorite yam cha spot in Putrajaya. T-Lounge by Dilma is operated by Dilma tea company (the famous tea company in Sri Lanka). To me this T-Lounge serve a lot of delicious, tasty, and yummilicious food and beverages. The ambiance is comfortable and the customer service is also good. At Putrajaya, T-Lounge by Dilma is located at IOI City Mall Putrajaya. The opening hours are around 10am-10pm.

3. Perfume Dance Cafe

Me and my girls at Perfume Dance Cafe druing Reiko's birthday bash 2017

Dancing Diva desert - a good replacement for a birthday cake. The presentation of deserts at Perfume Dance Cafe makes this place a good place to organize a celebration

Hawaiian Blue - one of the delicious beverages

Spicy Fish Pasta -one of my favorite

With my bff. Check out the Tiffany Blue ambiance there

The Tiffany Blue sofa gave me an Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany feeling

Perfume Dance Cafe is a Taiwanese branch cafe and has already 18 outlets in Taiwan. This cafe has a very unique theme - "Romance of Europe" (ala2 Venice meets Breakfast at Tiffany gitu). The color theme of this cafe is Tiffany Blue with black and white mixture. The food at Perfume Dance Cafe are also extremely delicious, tasty, fancy, and big serving (boley share satu pinggan 2 org). The Romance of Europe theme make this cafe our no.1 favorite yam cha spot. Memang seronok hang out dgn all girls kat sinie. Tapi kalo nak dating dgn BF boley jugak. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cuma my opinion girls la yg akan lagi teruja dgn tema Romance of Europe nie.  The food, theme, ambiance also makes Perfume Dance Cafe a good place for selfies, wefies, and food porn. That's what girls love to do when yam cha kan. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Malaysia, Perfume Dance Cafe hanya ada satu jer outlet if i'm not mistaken la (pls correct me if i'm wrong). Perfume Dance Cafe in Malaysia is situated at IOI City Mall Putrajaya at the middle concourse near the Hui Lau Shan desert stalls. The opening hours is 10am-10pm.

Ok'lah, that's all. Bon weekend ^_^

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