BEAUTY REVIEW: Faceshop Matte Up Tint Lipstick

Anyeong haseyo ^_^ Salam Ahad petang all ^_^

How's your weekend going on so far? Hope everything is awesome for all of you. Just drop by to share a review on a product i recently try. Yep, it's most of us ladies favorite thing -lipstick! I just try Faceshop's latest lipstick - Matte Up Tint and i like it a lot. Sbab tu la decide nak tulis review about it. Hehehe!!!!!!!

Ok, let's get started..............

Faceshop Matte Up Tint Lipstick comes in 5 vibrant and funky colors

Matte Up Tint is a liquid style lipstick. This lipstick is very smooth, lightweight, and long lasting (color dia tahan lama, x mudah tanggal).  Faceshop Matte Up Tint lipstick comes in vibrant and funky colors such as Red Stain (sexy red color), Mapple Orange (dark orange almost brown), Cosmo Pink (very sexy pink), Bitter Orange ( funky orange color), and Melting Beige (pink nude color). All 5 colors reflects youthfulness, happiness, and joyfulness, and suitable for ladies who love to be trendy, brave, bold, and love to play along with style. This lipstick is suitable for girls day out, date, office, high-tea and dinner events.

Setiap tangkai ada message for it's user. So kawaii ^_^

This messages give motivations to users

Me doning Faceshop Matte Up Tint in Cosmo Pink. Yeay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apa yg saya paling suka tentang lipstick nie is the packaging. Packaging dia simple but kawaii. Faceshop Matte Up Tint lipstick comes in a long slender tube packaging. Apa yg paling best skali setiap tangkai lipstick ada special message utk users nyer such as "Hello Beautiful", "To Me, You Are Perfect", "XoXoXo :D" and many more. This messages makes the lipstick so cute and adorable to resists. All the messages also brings up confidence and lift up the user's spirits. To me, this also part of Faceshop marketing strategy. Korean people really good in marketing and they are very innovative. 

Ok'lah, last but not least, all Faceshop products are natural organic made. So Insya'Allah ianya selamat utk digunakan. Harga lipstick nie pun affordable - RM48.00 retail price. 

Ok'lah, that's all. Khungang haseyo ^_^

Fadima Mooniera ^_^

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