FOODIE REVIEW: Yummi-licious Dim Sum At Dolly Dim Sum

Assalamualaikum ^_^,

long time no see right :P Baru2 nie setiap weekend asyik kuar berjalan2 jumpa rakan2 yg dah lama x jumpa, having family outing, and berekreasi. Hehehe...........sekali-sekala weekend kena juga kuar rumah kan. Baru lah hidup bagaikan pelangi. Hehehe ^_^

Last Friday, me and my girls - Maddie and Kak Nisa had dim sum lunch at Dolly Dim Sum, IOI City Mall. So dlm post baru nie, i wanna write my review on Dolly Dim Sum, IOI City Mall. Ok, let's get started.............

Dolly Dim Sum at IOI City Mall opened on January 2018. The restaurant is located at LG-82B, opposite of RHB Bank (use to be Dilma Tea Lounge). Since DDS recently open, the restaurant is always pack and full of customers especially on lunch time. So kalo plan nak dine kat situ kena lah dtg awal and maybe do a reservation. Kalo x memang kena beratur panjang. Sometimes the que can be long up to HomePro. Sbaik last Friday kami dtg awal. The customers at DDS terdiri dpd pelbagai bangsa- Melayu, Cina, India, and also different kinda groups - government officers and pekerja swasta.

Yam Croquette DDS yg memang sedap-licious sampai bikin saya menjilat jari. My Favorite!

Siew Mai dumpling. My second favorite. 

Veggie Spring Roll. Thanx Maddie for having your hands there. Buat gamba nie nampak sedikit dramatic ^_^

Salted fish bun. Maddie yg order nie. Sedap-licious!

Crispy egg noodle. Taste good too. Kak Nisa yg order.

The royal golden fried rice!

All food serve at DDS are halal and definitely no pork. Most of the dim sums there are yummi-licious. Makan memang menjilat jari. My favorite is the Yam Croquette and Siew Mai dumpling. Yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beside dim sums, DDS also serve delicious main meals such as Royal Golden Fried Rice, Thai Style Fried Rice, Salted Fish Fried Rice, Crispy Egg Noodle, Braised Seafood Yee Mee, and Wok-Fried Beef Kway Teow. They also serve sweet chinese deserts and thirst quenching beverages to their customers. They have ranges of traditional chinese teas, juices, and also cordials.

With Maddie and Kak Nisa ^_^

I love this Dolly Amoi poster a lot. It's lovely and some of my friends said it looks like me. Hehehe ^_^

Wah!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boley juga beli bunga di DDS. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!! It's the giant poster outside of the restaurant.

Besides just a place to dine, Dolly Dim Sum also a fun and joyful place to have a girls day out or parties. The ambiance of the restaurant is warm and cozy. The props are lovely. I love the lovely amoi poster a lot. I think the poster makes the restaurant so cute, lovely, and dolly (match the name). Girls can enjoy dining together, chit chatting, and taking a lot of wefies together since the props are suitable for it (biasa la ladies. Kalo lepak together x sah la x wefie ^_^). But ofcuz la, DDS is also a place for family. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!! The F&B price at Dolly Dim Sum are quite affordable. X terlalu mahal, x juga murah.

Ok'lah, that's all. 

Take care ^_^

Fadima Mooneira

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