Women Are Getting More Independent And Marriage is No Longer a Priority

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i recently read an article in China Daily newspaper on how lifestyle trends has change women in China and also all a round the world these days. The article says women are getting more independent when it comes to financial and economy, and because of that marriage is not longer a priority to them.

Women are getting more career minded, most of them has their own dream and vision of what they wanna achieve in their life. Most women also put themselves as a priority. Most women think it is easier for them to achieve their dreams if they remain single. Marriage might put them with commitments. 

According to Euromonitor International research findings, most women no longer see being single as lonely and miserable. They know how to rock their single life. Most women nowadays adopt pets as their companions (mostly dogs and cats), and have cuddly toys. The article also says that regular customers at most florist shop in China are mostly single women. Women nowadays love to buy bouquet flowers for themselves just to cheer them up when they had a rough day. They don't need to wait for a men to give them.

Besides being able to be independent and career minded, mens attitude also becomes a factor why most women prefer to be single. Well, sorry to say guys - bukan nak ngate. But there are guys who think or believe that if a women become he's wife/partner, she must put him as her priority without considering that the women might have dream and vision of what she wanna achieve and be. Sometimes men also forgot that women always multiply whatever guys give to them (if you know what i mean la :P). Plus with the #MeToo movement phenomena, women are getting braver and stronger. They no longer trust men. Ok'lah x mo comment lebih pasal nie. Nanti takut ada kaum Adam yg trase lak. Tapi korang kena blajar paham wanita juga ya :P

In my opinion, i think it its good that women nowadays know how to be independent and not rely on men. It is also awesome that women's perception has change that being single isn't a bad thing. And as for me, I'am also a single women in early 30's and so far i'am happy, confident, and very grateful with my life. Plus i'm also a women with dreams, vision and ambition. I have plans of what i wanna do for a living in the future, what i wanna achieve, what i wanna be, and all the things i wanna do while i'm still young and have the ability to do so. I wanna do more of what makes me happy.  I'am very happy being single. I always said that i'am a SINGLE BAHAGIA girl. Syukur Alhamdulillah. However, saya x boley juga cakap yg saya nie x mo kawen langsung. Sebab kita x tahu masa depan macam mana and yg paling important...........jodoh itu Allah S.W.T yg tentukan. Same ada kita akan ada pasangan, akan berkawen, bila kita kawen itu semua Allah S.W.T yg tentukan. Saya dah x dek target umo brape nak kawen. And plus to me semua yg berlaku adalah rezeki dari Allah S.W.T. Single itu rezeki, berkahwin itu juga rezeki. Apa yg saya mampu buat hanyalah berdoa yg terbaik. Sekiranya saya ditakdirkan bertemu jodoh, saya doakan semoga dianya org yg baik2, seorg yg menjadi penyokong kepada saya mengejar impian saya dan bukan penghalang, dan semoga when the time comes hati saya juga terbuka untuk menerima dirinya yg seadanya. Aamiin.

Ok'lah, hari pun dah malam. Good night. Semoga ketemu lagi.


Fadima Mooneira

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