Before The Plane Takes Off (Before Travel Tips From Moir/ Part 1/ Research And Planning)

Hi dearies ^_^

Atas permintaan from my close buddies, I am ready to share "My Before Travel  Tips" with you guys. memandangkan lepas raya nie adalah musim travel. So here is what i do before i travel.................

1) Research And Planning

Traveling is fun, but it is also a big project becoz it involves time and money. So you really need to do your research and plan your trip well (especially if you are planing to travel overseas), so that you won't regret.  The planning includes which country/city/place you wanna visit, ticket price, accommodation, your itinerary, souvenirs to grab, and ofcuz.......your budget.

1.1 ) List Top 3 Countries/Cities/Places On Wish List  And Conduct Research

My first step of research and planning is i list down top 3 countries/cities/places i wish to visit. Usually, i will list down countries/cities/places that i haven't visit yet. But sometimes, i do also list down countries/cities/places that i have been to. Especially places that have new attractions. After i make my list, i research on each country's culture, people, currency, safety, and anything that is important for a traveller to know. Nowadays, it is quite easy to get information on countries becoz there are a lot of apps and travel blogs available such as Have Halal Will Travel, Trip Advisor, Culture Trip(my new favorite app ^_^ very informative). Besides, I also read some travel blogger's blog for more information.

1.2) Ticket Survey

After i list down my top 3 list and conduct my research, i will survey on the tickets. If i'm about to travel overseas - i will survey on plane tickets, and if i travel in my own country or nearby- i usually survey on train or bus tickets. I will check dates available, the price (the cheapest is the best!), offers/discounts. Besides dates available, price, and offers, i will also check on the travel season. Kalo musim cuti skolah ticket travel memang pack la. Huhuhu.

1.3) Accommodation Survey

After i'm done with ticket survey and set my traveling date, i will survey on accommodation. Usually accommodation survey need to be done right after the ticket is bought becoz it is also an  important part in travel project. I usually use to search for the best and affordable accommodation for me to stay during my trip. I usually select accommodation base on access to transportation (bus/subways), foods (halal/something that is ok to eat), convenience store nearby (7 Eleven/ Family Mart), and ofcuz WiFi available (that is the most important). 

1.4) Planning Itinerary And Souvenirs To Grab

Using Culture Trip App on conducting research ^_^

After i have made my decision on which country/city/place to visit, and done with the ticket and accommodation, i'am half ready to travel. So my next step is to plan my itinerary and souvenirs to grab during my travel trip. To start the planning, i conduct another research on the selected country/city/place. Then i list down all the hotspots, what is a MUST see, do, experience at the country/city/place. With the list, i select what is important for me to see, do, and experience. Besides, i also research on how to get to the hotspot from the accommodation i'll be staying at. After i get my itinerary done, i research on what item i MUST bring home when i visit the country as i am a craft collector. Yeah! I have collected a lot of crafts from countries/cities/places i've visited.

1.5) Budget Planning

My Travel Planner. I job down my travel plan here including budget ^_^

Budget planning is also an important part in every travel project. My budget planning usually comes after i'am done with my itinerary and souvenir planning. If i'm about to travel overseas, my budget would be around RM1000.00 - RM3000.00. These budget includes food and beverages, transportation, shopping, and emergency. However, it also depends of the country's economy and cost of living.

1.6) Extra: Research on The Country's Culture, People, and Learn Some Phrase Of The Mother Language

I usually carry that notebook when i travel to South Korea. It's my guide to hanguel and some korean phrase.

After i am done with all research and planning, i will also conduct another research on the country's culture and people. If i have time, i will also learn some phrase from the country's mother language. This is quite important especially if you are traveling to a none english spoken country. After all, it is cool to learn different languages right. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All right, so here's the part 1 of My Before Travel Tips. Insya'Allah bila berkesempatan, I will bring you the part 2 of My Before Travel Tips. So pls stay tune becoz par 2 is also important. Part 2 will be more on packing (what to pack, bring along). Ok'lah, take care. Have a good vacation to those yg sedang plan nak travel. Semoga dipermudahakan urusan, pergi dan kembali dengan selamat. Have a good memorable moment.


Fadima Mooneira ^_^

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