Part 2: Before The Plane Takes Off (Before Travel Tips From Moir/ Packing)

Anyeong haseyo ^_^

As promised, here is the Part 2 of My Before Travel Tips. As i told you guys before, part 2 is about packing and planning what is important to bring along the trip.

2) Packing

Usually, i carry 3 bags for most of my travel trips. But that depends on the situation too. Sometimes i just carry 2 bags. The 3 bags consist of 1 big suitcase, 1 cabin bag, and 1 backpack. Although, i carry 3 bags to travel, but still will try my best to travel light and not carry too many stuffs. Paling penting benda yg essentials mesti ada. Btw, here is how i pack each bags and what i usually bring along during my travel................

PS: I usually start my packing 2 weeks in advance before my travel date. This way, i can check my essentials clearly. So that i can shop for essentials that i don't have a week in advance. I don't like to do last minute packing and i definitely don't like to burn the oil lamp. I always make sure i have enough rest before i travel. Hehehe...............

2.1) The Big Suitcase

The big suitcase is where i stuff all the clothes i plan to wear during my travel, toiletries, first aid kit, foods and snacks, laundry bag and room slippers.

2.1.1) Clothes

The choice of clothes i bring usually depends on the country's climate, weather, and season. Although i am a fashionista (yekeh?:P), i don't bring/wear stylist clothes for traveling. I just choose something simple and comfortable but yet trendy to wear. For traveling, i usually bring/wear shirt dresses, blouses, t-shirts, cardigans, my best jeans, and jeggings. But if i travel during cold/winter season, i will have to bring extra tick clothes such as coat, jacket, sweater, hoodie, gloves, ear muffs, muffler and scarf,  and heattech (thanx to Uniqlo now i don't need to wear tick, uncomfortable, wolly thermal anymore). I would like to advice you guys to always bring a jacket with you regardless any place/season you travel becoz there are some places with unpredictable weather. So you need to be prepare. And i usually carry my jacket in my cabin bag. Besides that, don't forget to pack your pyjamas (1/2 sets will do), lounge wear, and sports attire if you wanna visit the gym or do some sports/recreational activities.

2.1.2) Toiletries

Toiletries are also important essentials. Toiletries includes facial cleanser, skin care set, sunblock (very important regardless any season), BB cream, some make-ups (i just carry my concealer, eye brow pencil, lipsticks and lip gloss), deodorant, and other essentials. Not all hotels provide complete amenities. So you need to bring at least a shower cap, tooth brush and paste, and body lotion.

2.1.3) First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit is important in case there is an emergency. I usually carry a small first aid kit with me every time i travel. The most important thing to carry in a first aid kit is a box of plasters and some medicines.

2.1.4) Food and Snacks

Food and snacks may sound not so important for some people. But actually it is important. Sometimes i get hungry when i reach my hotel/accommodation, but at the same time i am feeling tired and need rest. So that's why it is important to bring along some food or snacks with you. All you need to bring is 2/3 instant noodles cups, pack of cookies and snacks. That will do. You don't need to prepare food and snacks from home for the whole trip becoz you need to taste the local cuisine too. Janji halal ok la. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2.1.5) Laundry Bag and Room Slippers

Not all hotels/accommodations provide laundry bags and room slippers. So you need to bring along at least one laundry bag and a pair of room slippers.

2.2) The Cabin Bag

My 10 years old cabin bag. I usually role my clothes instead of folding them. Role save space.

Some people don't carry cabin bag. They just carry a huge backpack with them. For me, i prefer to carry a cabin bag becoz i don't really fancy carrying a huge backpack for travel. I am more comfortable with small/medium size backpack. I usually stuff my cabin bag with some clothes (in case of emergency), a jacket, hat/caps, prayer kit, my lil Al-Quran and Yassin, iPad, chargers (phone/Ipad/etc), journal or notebook to record my travel trip, and ofcuz.............. Abobo ^_^ - my fat cat plushies who is also my no.1 travel companion. Hambar la travel trip kalo x dek Abobo. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!

Besides jacket, i would also like to advice you guys to bring along a hat/cap with you. Hat/cap is also important for travel trip. If i travel during hot weather/summer, i will bring a straw hat or a cap with me. And if i travel during cold weather/winter, i will usually bring my beret with me (winter nie lah masanya nak pakai beret). If i travel during winter, my gloves, ear muffs, mufflers will be in my cabin bag so that i can use them when i get out of the airport. Another thing, it is also important for you guys to check on the country's rainy season, even tho you are traveling during summer. If the country you plan to visit is having a rainy season, do bring along a raincoat or a small umbrella with you. This is important.

2.3) The Backpack

My Tizio backpack. It is trendy, manageable, and roughness. I love it a lot.

Like i told you before, i prefer small/medium size backpack instead of big ones. Small/medium size backpack are more manageable and easy to reach for things. My backpack is also a replacement for my handbag when i'm traveling. I don't carry handbag when i travel. In my backpack, i usually stuff my wallet, travel docket, cell phone, selfie stick ^_^,  shades, cosmetic pouch, face tissue/ wet wipes, face towel, and a pen to write. 

Travel docket is very important for every traveler, especially if you travel overseas. Travel docket is where you put your passport, boarding pass, important documents, and your local currency (for exchange or emergency). Travel docket helps a traveler to be more organize.

For ladies who carry make up or any small toiletries, make sure you put them in a plastic bag with clip although you have a cosmetic pouch. It is becoz some country's immigration are very strict with liquid items.

2.4) Extra: Plan Your Airport Fashion

For those who are a traveler and yet a fashionista, you can plan your airport fashion. However, this is only for fun yeh ^_^.

For plane flight, i usually wear a shirt dress, jeggings, and a comfortable sports shoes/sneakers. Choosing a pair of shoes to wear for travel is very important becoz you'll be mostly on your feet all the time. So you need to choose something that is comfortable for you to move and walk. I usually bring one pair for travel and that will be the one i wear.

Ok'lah, that's all from moir. Hope my tips will help you prepare well for your travel. Have a good vacation and journey. Take care.


Fadima Mooneira ^_^

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