I recently dine with my family at Restaurant Peranakan Place, IOI City Mall, Putrajaya for father's day celebration. And now i would like to share my review with you guys...............

Peranakan Place is an authentic nyonya cuisine restaurant. The restaurant serves authentic and delicious nyonya cuisine such as the kerabu mangga, steamed fish, ayam goreng pandan, beancurd, and many more. You can order ala-carte dish, platter, fried rice, noodles, deserts, and thirst-quenching beverages.

Pandan Chicken - A must try if dine at Peranakan Place

Cruchy-licious honey sotong. My favorite! 

Steamed Fish - taste awesome!

Sayur tauge also taste good

Kerabu Mangga

The Nyonya Beancurd. This one you must also try!

Most cuisine that this restaurant offer it's customers are super-delicious. Once you dine here, it makes you wanna come back for a second or third experience. To me the most delicious cuisine that Peranakan Place serve is the pandan chicken, and honey sotong. I don't really fancy sotong that much and definitely not a sotong eater especially sotong goreng. It is becoz most sotong goreng served at other restaurants are a bit keras and kinda hard for me to digest. But this  sotong is just crunchy and easy for me to digest. Plus the honey taste make the sotong taste sweet and yummilicious. Nyum2! Besides honey sotong and chicken pandan, i also like the steamed fish, kerabu mangga , and nyonya beancurd. All are yummilicious. This restaurant also serves thirst-quenching juices that is good to drink after meal.

Cucumber calamansi juicy. Cool and shooting.

The ambiance of Peranakan Place restaurant is warm and cozy. The restaurant is decorated with colorful nyonya decors. The decorations make Peranakan Place a fun spot to dine with family, love ones, and friends. I definitely say Peranakan Place is a good place for me and my mates to do gatherings and girls day out. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The price of the food is around RM15.00 - RM40.00. X la mahal sgt, tapi x juga murah sgt. Quite affordable. Besides IOI City Mall, Peranakan Place also have outlets in One Utama Shopping Centre, Plaza Low Yat, and Nu Central. 

Ok, that's all i wanna share. So what are you guys waiting for? Bring your family, love ones, and friends to dine at Peranakan Place. You'll have a good nyonya dining experience ^_^


Fadima Mooneira

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  1. I am looking forward to their steamed fish and kerabu manga. I hope they are fresh and delivered with properfood transportation. Thanks for sharing and I will visit this place soon.


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