Mega Love For Autumn Tag 2019

Eiyo friends,

Mega Love For Autumn Tag 2019 is another Vogue Parody Challenge. In this challenge, you are required to answer questions about autumn and tag six people after you completed your answers. For this autumn challenge, I was tagged by a fellow blogger name Mari a.k.a @92leemary. Mari is a Filipino-American blogger. We got to know each other on Twitter and become blogger buddies. Mari blogs about beauty, lifestyle, and relationships. Mari's blog link is 

Before I start this challenge, I need to be honest... I am from Malaysia. Malaysia is a country with only one season. Yep, we only have summer here (it's either sunny or rainy). Malaysia doesn't have winter, spring, and autumn. However, I used to stay in the US for 4 years, studied in Manchester, England for 2 years, and traveled to four-season countries -these experiences give me some autumn memories that I can share with you for this challenge. 

Now let's begin with the questions.........


1. What signifies the start of Autumn to you?
The red, orange, yellow leaves, and breezy weather.

2. What are you most excited about for Fall?
Autumn leaves, breezy weather, trench coat fashion, barret hats, and pumpkin meals.

3. Name one place you want to visit this Autumn.
Jeju Island, South Korea- it's the most beautiful place during autumn. I also wish to go back to Utah, US. That's where I used to stay in the US. Autumn is also beautiful in Utah.

4. What is one item on your Autumn Bucket List?
Pumpkin spice latte. Is that available in Starbucks Malaysia? Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. What is the best way to spend a rainy day?
Sleep, chillax, read a book, watch movies or Korean dramas.

6. What gets you into the fall spirit?
Trench coats and barret hats.

7. Describe your ideal fall day.
Enjoying a picnic at a park with my family, taking pictures with autumn leaves background.

8. What TV show are you most excited about this fall?

9. What are you being for Halloween/What were you this Halloween?
A Dyson vacuum cleaner. Hahaha!

10. What is the Fall weather like where you live?
We don't have autumn in Malaysia. Now it's rainy season in Malaysia. 

11. What changes do you look forward to in Autumn?
The breeze and the leaves color

12. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?
Yes. it's not easy to get it in Malaysia.

13. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Autumn?
Autumn colors, and cool breeze.

14. What is your go-to an autumnal beauty product? A must-have staple.
I don't know. Maybe autumn shades lipstick like brown orange or burgundy color. 

15. Do you have any Autumn traditions?

16. The moment of truth, is Autumn your favorite season?
Autumn is my second favorite. I love spring the most.

17. Do you decorate your room/home for autumn?

18. Do you have any fall pet peeves/something you dislike about fall?


1. What is your favorite Autumnal Colour? 
Brown orange and burgundy

2. What is your favorite Fall Scent? 

3. What is your favorite Autumn Candle? 

4. What is your favorite Fall Fashion Item?
Trench coats, oversize hoodies, barret hats

5. What is your favorite Fall Accessory? 
Barret hats of course.

6. What is your favorite Autumn Lip Colour? 
Reddish-brown lipstick from FaceShop. It is so sophisticated and sexy.

7. What is your favorite Fall Nail Polish? 
Sparkle brown. I am donning it now ^_^

8. What is your favorite Autumnal Drink? 
Russian earl grey, green tea, and pumpkin spice latte.

9. What is your favorite Fall Treat?
Pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and gingerbread cookies.

10. What is your favorite Fall Flavour? 
Pecan pie

11. What is your favorite Thanksgiving Food? 
I don't celebrate thanksgiving. 

12. What is your favorite Halloween Candy?
Salt Water Taffy. It's only available in Utah. I miss it a lot.

13. What is your favorite Fall/Halloween Song? 
Autumn Morning by IU. It's a very beautiful tune ^_^

14. What is your favorite Fall/Halloween Film? 
Autumn in New York, and It The Clown (the classic one, not the new one).

15. What is your favorite Autumn Makeup Look? 
Autumn makeup? The natural tone makeup. Always.

16. What is your favorite Autumn Beauty Trend this year? 
I just go for the natural beauty look. I don't really follow the makeup trends.

17. What is your favorite Fall Fashion Trend this year? 
The trench coats, and barret hats.

18. What is your favorite/Most Worn Sweater/Jumper?
My Manchester Metropolitan University hoodie. I bought it when I visited my alma mature in 2017.

19. What is your favorite Autumn Memory? 
Japan vacation 2018 - me and my family visited Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo.

20. What is your favorite photo you’ve taken in Fall? 
The four pictures I use for this post. It's from my Kyoto and Osaka 2018 vacation.

21. What is your favorite Autumn activity? 
I don't have one.

22. What is your favorite Halloween costume you’ve ever worn? 
Bugs Bunny- it was my first Halloween costume.


1. Apple Picking or Pumpkin Patch? 
I would choose pumpkin patch. It's more fun.

2. Football Games or Nature Walk? 
Nature Walk 

3. Halloween or Thanksgiving? 
Halloween (just for fun of trick-o-trick ^_^)

4. Bat Wing Sleeves or Cat Eye Eyeshadow? 
Bat Wing Sleeves. I don't do eyeshadow.

5. Dark Lips or Winged Liner? 
Dark Lips

6. Apple stuff or Pumpkin stuff? 

7. Cinnamon or Pumpkin Pie Spice? 

8. Coffee, Tea, Hot Cocoa or Apple Cider? 
All four.

9. Jeans, Leggings or Skirts/Shorts w/Tights? 
Jeans, leggings, and skirts. 

10. Beanie or Hair Scarf? 

11. Infinity Scarf or Body Wrap? 
Body wrap 

12. Booties or Knee High Boots? 
Knee-high boots 

13. Flats or Wedges? 

14. Flannels or Jumpers/Sweaters? 

15. Hair up in bun/ponnie tail or Hair Down? 
Hair down. I always prefer hair down.

16. Fairy Lights or Candles?

17. Scary Movie or Haunted House?
Both no!

18. Apple Bobbing or Making Apple Pie? 
I prefer to make apple pie with my Mom. 

19. DIY Halloween Costume or DIY House Decorations? 
House Decorations 

20. Pop of Orange or Pop of Yellow in your wardrobe?
I love both and both colors suit me

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Thank You for reading ^_^ Do share with me your autumn memories in the comment box below.

Fadima Mooneira

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  1. Ah.... never been to overseas with 4 season.
    I went to Taiwan was summer, Malaysia already summer, and I normally choose winter to go to overseas ( depends which country got winter ) But thanks for sharing more about you.
    Nice to know you sweetie.

  2. Wah, that's a nice post - interesting to read & makes me wonder too if I enjoy staying in a 4 season country.

    1. It is enjoyable to me. I love all seasons - Spring, Summer, autumn, and winter. All season has its own beauty.

  3. Wah...Jeju Island! Generally Autumn and Spring are considered to be the best time to visit Jeju Island. Nice sharing dear !

    1. Yep. True. But I haven’t visit Jeju is spring or autumn. Only been there during winter and summer. Huhuhu..........

  4. Sekali je merasai Autumn di musim winter di Tokyo. Kebetulan waktu tu autumn belum habis sepenuhnya. Cantik dengan view daun kekuningan. Pernah tengok gambar orang lain ke Korea dengan pemandangan autumn. Memang sana saaaangat la cantik. Tak dapat disangkal lagi. Kalau ditanya musim apa yang saya suka. Saya lebih suka musim sejuk. Suka tengok pemandangan memutih. Autumn suit for you!

  5. terima kasih atas perkongsian yg menarik. saya paling suka di malaysia bila tiba musim durian dan juga musim perayaan. haha.

  6. wah menarik la aumtm ni ye..tak pernah rasa lagi..banyaknay soalan..bagus awak jawab soalan diaorang..harap dapat ke koreadapat rasa cuaca dekat sana

    1. Aamiin. Insya’Allah awak akan ke Korea satu hari nanti. I pun tringin nak visit Korea time autumn. Sblum nie hanya pernah gie Korea time winter and summer jer. Hehehe.

  7. it is nice to travel to 4 seasons countries as we dont have that in Malaysia. i have experienced autumn back then in 2014 in the US. it was very nice but i cant stand with the temperature tho. hahaha

    1. Yes, autumn is a beautiful season, and US is one of the most beautiful countries during that season. So where were you in the States that time?

  8. Thanks for sharing, I've yet to visit a country during Autumn, usually its spring or winter, can't wait to experience myself.

    1. Hahaha......... me pun jarang travel during autumn. Selalu winter and summer.

  9. Cool ! Autumn is one of the best season kerana ia tenang dan warna kayu pun berubah

  10. Banyaknya soalan kena jawab. Tapi seornokkan bila jawab soalan yang ditagged kawan blogger. Untung you dapat rasa suasana Autumn. I belum pernah rasa season Autumn ni. Teeingin juga merasa di tempat orang kan

    1. Aamiin. Semoga satu Hari Nanti you pun akan rezeki juga utk merasa musim autumn dan negara org.

  11. banyak tu soalan. hihi tapi i always enjoy autumn. the colors really give excitement, sebab takde kat tempat kita kan. mesti cantik2

    1. Yep, autumn colours and leaves are just beautiful to look at. Alhamdulillah. Ciptaan Allah S.W.T

  12. I never travel to 4 seasons countries, so really enjoyed those you shared about your autumn experiences. Hope to have own experience soon..hehe

  13. Qiss pun suka autumn. Suka tengok warna oren dan coklat kat pokok. Belum pernah rasa lagi autumn. Harap satu hari nanti dapat merasa juga. Bagus aktiviti macam ni kan antara blogger. Ada content juga kan.

    1. Insya’Allah. One day will experience autumn darling. Yep, foreign bloggers love this questionnaire activity. It is also a therapy to reduce anxiety.

  14. Tak pernah lagi ke negara 4 musim. Hopefully one day dapat pegi sana. Best jugak pegi time autumn ye

    1. Yep. Autumn is beautiful. The colours and weather. Insya’Allah nanti sis akan dpt experience autumn.

  15. Woww rajin sungguh jawab soalan byk2 ya :). .kalau sis dh pening dah..hehehe. Sis semua musim dh pergi tapi paling suka spring n Autumm..cantik suasana time tu. Winter tak suka sgt sb sejuk dia boleh cramp tulang sis..:)

    1. Auw!!!!!!! I see. Winter is a beautiful season too. Winter is a season of romance. It’s the time we’re you cuddle up with your love one.

  16. I suka tengok fall vibes and the colour palette are so pretty! I hope someday can visit any coutry in autumn

  17. Panjang juga soalannya tu. Hehe. Mek sendiri tak pernah ke negara 4 musim. Tak study sangat negara mana yang ada. Kalau merancang ke luar negara nanti baru study kot. Huhu.

  18. thank you for info.. teringin nak pergi sana juga

  19. Autumn is my favorite season too. I love the colours and whether.


  20. I'm not sure when I consider Autumn to have started, I guess when the Halloween decorations come out

    1. Hehehe....... most people think about Halloween when it comes to autumn

  21. I've never visited a country during Autumn, usually its spring. Would love to experience this myself. Thanks for sharing,


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