The 7 Things That I Love To Do To Make Myself Happy

Eiyo friends,

Happy November ^_^ I hope your October was good. Before I start my post, I would like to ask you guys are a question. Are you guys familiar with the quote "Do More Of What Makes You Happy"? I'm sure you guys do. This quote is very popular. It is one of my favorite quotes too. To me, this quote is a piece of advice or a tip for us to be happy. Happiness is a choice that we must choose everyday. Our happiness depends on our mentality. If you choose to be happy, you will be happy. You cannot depend on situations to make yourself happy, even tho that situation makes you feel that you can't win. You must always educate and motivate yourself that there are always brighter days waiting for you. Yes, something beautiful is about to happen.

One of the obvious ways to make ourselves happy is to do more of the things we love to do or things that make us happy. It can be something that you are passionate about, hobbies, or something you would like to learn or try. If it makes you happy, pls go for it! In this post, I would like to share with you the seven things that I love to do to make myself happy...

1) Drawing

My illustration. You can check my arts at my IG @mughunghwa

Drawing is my no.1 hobby and passion. In fact, drawing is also the first skill I learned from my mother. Yes, I learned to draw first before I learned to read, write, and count. I really love to draw. Drawing gives me a voice. I can express myself and my imagination through my drawings. Drawing is the hobby I want to keep my entire life. I am also an artistic person and an art lover. I love visiting art museums and galleries. Visiting art museums and galleries gives me the inspiration to draw. I am now a freelance illustrator. As an illustrator, I love to draw pretty girls, handsome boys, and cute things. I also draw illustrations of my favorite celebrities.

2) Writing

My journal and lucky unicorn pen ^_^

Writing is my second passion and hobby. Like drawing, writing also gives me a voice and allows me to express myself and my imagination. Writing makes me more imaginative, creative, and innovative. Writing also helps me nurture confidence and improve my language. That's why I decide to continue blogging. In this blog, I write about lifestyle, travel, pop-culture, and edutainment. I love to research, read, and write these four topics. I believe these four topics are my strengths. Besides blogging, I also write in my journal, short stories, and contribute articles to websites, magazines, and newspapers. I do wish to have a freelance career in writing. I would like to become a children's storybook writer or a novelist in the future. Insya'Allah as long as I have the passion and confidence to do so, I will make it. ^_^

3) Enjoying A Girls Day Out With My Girls

From left: Fadet, Raden and her baby, Iza, Me, and Maddie

Besides doing things all by ourselves, we also need to do things with friends to have fun. I love my galpals and enjoy hanging out with them - Maddie, Iza, Fadet, Raden, and Azzie. Girls Day Out is always a special event for me and my girls. When me and my girls get together, we will doll-up, chit-chatting about life, things we like and all the people we know, take selfies and wefies together, laugh out loud as if the world belongs to us, dine at a chic restaurant and share each other's food, shopping or maybe window shopping, watch movies, and karaoke. When I am with my girls, I am totally myself. My galpals are awesome people. They love and accept me for who I am. They always make me feel good when I am with them. I am grateful to be friends with them. Maddie, Iza, Fadet, Raden, and Azzie - when is our next date? Hehehe ^_^

4) Traveling and Exploring New Places

At Osaka -Autumn 2018

Traveling is a good hobby. It is a hobby every person must have. I love traveling. Traveling is my family's hobby. Yes, me and my family love to travel. We also love exploring new places and learn new things. Traveling gives me knowledge and experiences that are unforgettable. At the moment, I've been to beautiful places in Malaysia, ASEAN, East Asia, Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Australia, and New Zealand. In the future, I wish to travel to eastern European countries, the UAE, and Afrika.

5) Reading

Books are my favorite things 

As an illustrator and writer, I need to read. Reading gives me knowledge, ideas, imaginations. Reading helps me with my writing and drawing skills. That's why I love reading. I love books and books are my favorite things. I love reading fiction and non-fiction books. I love all genres too. I read literature, romances, thriller, sci-fi, and horror novels. I also love reading children's storybooks and comics. Children's storybooks and comics give me inspirations and enhance my creativity. Besides books, I also read newspapers, magazines, and blogs. As a blogger, it is important for me to also read my fellow blogger's blogs. Reading other blogs, helps me to improve my blogging skills and gives me ideas to blog.

6) Fitness Workout

I followed Rebecca Louise YouTube Channel for fitness workout

I am not a sports kinda person. But I do believe that physical activity and being fit is important for me. I need to be healthy to live my life well. So that is why I love doing fitness workout. I usually do my fitness workout by following some fitness-influencers on YouTube. Currently, I love to follow Rebecca Louise, Kelsey Lee, Anna Renderer, and Susana Yabar's YouTube channel. These people are awesome fitness-influencers. They give you useful tips for fitness and health.

7) Photography

The latest picture I took. This is at Batu Pahat, Johor.

I love looking at pictures. To me, pictures speak a thousand words. It's because I love looking at pictures, I took a new hobby - photography. Photography is a fun hobby and it is also valuable. Photography really helps me reduce stress. At the moment, I took pictures using my iPhone and my Dad old (but not too old) Nikon SLR camera. I am also saving money to get a new camera for myself that is light and quite easy to use. Hehehe.

So these are the seven things that I love to do to make myself happy. What about you guys? What are the things that you guys do to make yourself happy? Pls, share it with me ^_^

I know sometimes it is hard for us to do the things we love. It is because of our work and busy schedules. But we do need to take a break and have fun. We will produce better work if we are happy. The art of happiness is to combine all the things that make us happier into the fabric of our lives. That is why we should not put the things we love away just because we are to busy with our work. We need to put all the things we love to do in our daily routine because they support our life happiness.

Ok'lah that's all for now. Thank you for reading. Remember guys, you are awesome and deserve to be happy.


Fadima Mooneira ^_^

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  1. Great list! I enjoy many of these things, too. Reading is my escape when I can't travel. Thanks for a good read :)

    1. Yeah! I agree with you. Reading is a replacement for travel. It takes you to an imaginary world when you are glue to the story.

  2. Woah! Most of our hobbies are matching. You're an interesting personality for sure 😊

    1. Tq. I belong in the INFJ group in the Myer-Brigs personality.

  3. That sounds great, good article!

  4. Wow! I love reading, writing, drawing and travel also. All these activities like daily or weekly therapy for me. Hehe. Nice sharing!

    1. Thank you and nice to someone with the same passion too.

  5. Hey mate! You have good hobbies to keep you occupied always. Insha-Allah you will become a writer for children's book and a novelist one day. You are passionate and talented. Just keep on the hard work. Photography is really a good hobby. I pun teringin nak belajar photography.


    1. Thanx for your compliment Hezli. Aamiin. Yep, photography is fun. You should learn it too. You are gonna love it babe.

  6. "Do More Of What Makes You Happy" i love this word.After this i will make my life happy than before. InsyaAllah.

  7. love travel too!! even must bring all my handbags! hahaha

  8. Agreed with u gal. Be happy no matter what happens in our daily lives. Nice sharing & nice to know u Fadima Mooneira :)

  9. This is such a nice list! It’s so important to find the things that make you happiest and keep on doing it. I especially love exercising and writing too!

  10. I totally agree with u. I love all your favourite things. They’re all great therapies!! Nowadays ppl suffer from mental health. These little things really can help us feel ease, relaxed and destress.. Thank u for sharing

  11. Your drawings are very good. I wish I was good at art.


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