Asian Fashion Icon-According To Me!

Ola fashionistas, sorry becoz dah agak lame x update this blog. I've been busy late. Well, i just nak share with you all sumer my opinion about Asian fashion icon. X stuju x pe. Sumer org ade opinion masing2 kan? Hehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok'lah, lets not waste time and check who are my top 5 Asian fashion icons. Ade yg sruper x ngan opinion korang? Ngeeh2!

Datuk Siti Nurhaliza-Malaysian Couture Queen

Datuk Siti Nurhaliza has always been inspiring for Malay young ladies when it comes to fashion. Even i'am also impress with this song bird. Datuk CT dah lalui byk transformation in fashion. I remember when she first start in the late 90's, she was only a teenager with red lipstick, long dress and tiara. But as fashion change her style also change as the flow. Datuk CT turns  fashionable and stunning every year. She is always the couture beauty on every red carpet. I can say that Datuk Siti Nurhaliza always has a good taste in fashion. She once mention in Eh magazine that " Fashion sentiasa berubah, x salah kalo kite nak mencube sesuatu yg baru". Well, you are right, Siti!

Yuna Zarai_Funky Muslimah Chick
New muslimah pop sensation, Yuna is also a new in-thing in Asian fashion. This young singer has good taste in fashion. She make a young muslim girl look funky. So who said busana muslim is only about long jubah and dark colours. 

Lisa Surihani- Malay Fashionista Sweetie
This beautiful new young movie star charm Malaysian film industry in her first movie, I'm Not Single with Farid Kamil. Lisa is only 2 years in the film industry, but she is already one of Malaysian top icon. Who would not love her. She pretty, charming, talented, has a nice personality, and also has a good taste in fashion. Lisa never been voted worse dress by our fashion press. Plus she already won Best Female Dress during Anugerah Bintang Popular 2010 (in the pic above). The dress is design by Anizam Yusof. Cheers Lisa!

Priyanka Chopra- Bollywood Beauty
Priyanka Chopra is really a bollywood beauty. She's not just beautiful but this bollywood star really knows how to dress well. Her outfit always suit every occasion. Her accessories also match all the clothes that she where. 

Song Hye Kyo - Korean Barbie Doll
Korean drama series princess, Song Hye Kyo also a hype fashion icon in Korea, Hong Kong, and also Malaysia. Most Asian girls nowdays mention that they are mostly inspired by this Korean cutie. Well, all the outfit that she wore in Full House are cute and pretty. She was nicknamed Korean Barbie Doll after the popular tv series that she stars with Rain. Even i myself also inspired my Hye Kyo's fashionj taste. I think she really know how to dress her age. Keep it cool girl. You rock!


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