Phuket Adventures.

Holla back amigas and amigos! I just got back from Phuket. So here i would like to share with you some of my adventures during my Phuket vacation................

25 June 2010 Marriot Phuket.

Me and my father btolak from LCCT to Phuket at 8.00 pm. Arrive there at 8.00 pm jugak ( Phuket
time. Phuket is an hour behind Malaysia). Time kiteorg arrive to dah malam. So kiteorg x ke mane just beli some snacks and drinks and rest kat hotel apartment. My mother spatut nyer pegi same kiteorg tapi dia ade hal penting last2 minute. So tpakse tukar schedule. But bonda join kiteorg on the 29 June.

26 June 2010
We did not do anything much on our second day at Phuket. Just jln2 kat resort, take pictures, and explore some place around the resort. Ps: Time tu byk Indian kat resort kiteorg. Tanye org hotel, they said those indian are from around the world ( India, New York, UK,..............). They came here for wedding. Wo!!!!!!!!!!! Byk giler duit diaorg buat wedding overseas. Turtle Village. Its a luxury shopping place nearby our resort.

Me............ in the resort.

27 June 2010
On our third day at Phuket..............we went to Phuket Town for shopping. First we took a taxi from our hotel. The taxi dropped us at the buss shuttle centre. Mase kat buss shuttle tu a sorang mamat thai name Don jadi our tour guide.  Don ikut saje mane kiteorg nak pegi.  First we singgah kat Robinson Mall to get some groceries. After that we went to Gem Store ( this store is own by a Malaysian man. He is married to a Thai lady and have he's business in Phuket). At Gem Store kiteorg dpt shop for half price. But we don't shop there that much coz x byk barang yg bknan. I just bough an elephant plush toy there. After that we went to Pornthip. It is a fish market where we can buy snack that is made of fish, prawn, squid, crab, and many more. Then we went to the beach just to snap shot some pics. 

                                  Me at Phuket Town Beach

28 June 2010
This day kiteorg x ke mane becoz hujan lbat sgt. Just stay at hotel, tengok tv, surfing internet. =(

29 June 2010
This day kiteorg just jln2 kat our resort nyer beach. Ptang tu my mother dtg from Malaysia. Weeeeee!!!!!!!

                                      Me at Mai Khao Beach ( Nie beach kat resort yg kiteorg dok tu)

30 June 2010
On that day my mother dah join kiteorg. YaHoo!!!!!!!!!!! So we went to Patong Beach and FantaSea. Patong is really a beautiful beach. The sea in blue and clean. The sky is also blue. At night we went to watch theater at FantaSea. FantaSea is a team park located at Kamala Beach. Thats where Aishah Masuri stays. FantaSea is not a team park like Disney World or Universal Studios. Its just a place where you can shop for some stuffs (expensive!), play games, eat,  watch theater, watch some animals (kiteorg dpt tengok white tiger! CANTIK!). The show was good and enjoyable. It is about the history of Kamala Beach.

                                           With my father at Patong Beach.

                                                                     FantaSea! YaY!

                                     With my mother. This reminds me of Small World at Disney.

                                                           Elephants Castle.

1 July 2010
This is one of our best adventures in Phuket. We took James Bond Canoe. Hooray! First we took a boat ride from Phaga. Then they stop at every small island........pastu kiteorg kene naik canoe to explore the islands and the small caves. Best giler! Every canoe ade guide. Me and Dad took the same canoe and our guide is Uncle Sulaiman. Mami naik canoe lain and her guide is Musa. All canoe is only for 2 people plus the guide. During our canoe ride, kiteorg sometimes kene masuk bawah caves. Some of the caves are really narrow and small. Mase mule masuk tu rase takut gak. After kuar to sronok giler. Since the owner of the cruise is a muslim man, he provides us halal food for lunch. Sdap giler! They've  serve us fried rice, fried noodle, veggie, chicken, sweet sour fish, fried pineapple, fried beans. So far, this cruise is the best adventure we had in Phuket. Slame nie i x biase dengan activity lasak camnie. Bile dah cube best pulak. One day tringin jugak i nak explore Taman Negara. Huhuh! Sesape yg nak gie Phuket pasnie........make sure you all take this James Bond Canoe. Kalo x............MEMANG RUGI LA KORANG! Heheh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                           From front: Me, Ayah, and Uncle Sulaiman.

                                           Sampai James Bond Island. kat sinie boley shopping. 
                                           Yg bniaga sumer Thai  Muslim.

                                  James Bond Island. Kat sinie la tempat 
                                           Bond tembak mnembak ngan enemies dia.

                            Roses In A Bottle............a gift from Uncle Sulaiman(our canoe guide).

2 July 2010
We return to Malaysia with smile on our face. Home sweet home!


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