My First Day At Home Treasures.

EiYo friends, i finished my internship program under PUNB at Rizalman Ibrahim Couture last 14 June. So skrang i dah start keje baru kat Home Treasures. Home Treasures is a furniture company for thick wood(jati). I've just started working there for 2 days. It wasn't that bad. First starting jadi sales consultant jer. Pastu they will considered position yg sesuai kat kite. Most of my friends tanye knape i tibe2 tukar keje dlm bidang furniture pulak. Well, keje nie i accept for time being jer. At this time keje nie yg i dpt. Sambil nie i'm looking for other job that is related to my field (fashion). Another thing i x nak tanam anggur lame sgt. So ape keje yg dpt pun accept jer la for the time being . Nak buat camne kite bukan nyer anak lord yg ade company sendiri. Hahah!!!!!!!!!

So far keje kat sinie ok jer for now. The boss is nice. He trust me and allow me to try designing furniture and the company's website for them although i x de knowledge dlm furniture. So thats why i've decided to give it a try. Schedule i skrang pun flexible. Still got time to hang out with friends meh. X cam mase keje kat Zang Toi dulu. Almost all day full. Huhuh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, i just hope thing to go well for me at HT. ^_^


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