Rachel Bilson -SO STYLISH!

Yuhuh! I was doin research on modern days fashion icons and i found out that Rachel Bilson has been name one of the top icons. Well, i like Rachel Bilson's style. I think Rachel has her own style. All the dresses that she worn on red carpet, movie premiers, award shows, parties are totally hot. So Rachel Bilson deserve to have her name on the top icons list. Actually, Miss Bilson is my second favorite fashion icon after Audrey Hepburn. So, i'm happy to see her being in the top list. Huhuh.

Here's some of Rachel's style..................... cantik kan?

Looking sweet and stylish in blue beige
 mini dress during THQs E3 Take
No Prisoners Events.
(Love this one!)

Looking cute in back and white
bow tie dress during Cannes Film

Looking super hot in animal print
mini dress during Blue Valentines

Simple but sexy!

Beautiful Dior Gown! 
(Love it!)


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