Blair Waldorf and Leighton Meester.

Calling all Gossip Girl lovers...................korang sumer mesti knal watak galak, Blair Waldorf played by Leighton Meester. BW or LM is famous among young girls for her fashion sense. A lot of young girls nowdays make Blair their fashion icons. Most of them wans to dress up like her. During season 1 and 2, Blair is famous for her trademark hair bands. Ever since the famous chick tv series la hair bands are back in trend. If you go to accessories store like Axxezz, Accessorize, or even Bonita, you can see a lot of hair bands in different kinda designs. Sumer nyer cun2 blake. Even i myself also is a collector of hair bands. I like hair bands and i think hair bands are an easy to wear accessories. But this post is not about hair bands. Its about Leighton Meester and her Gossip Girl character, Blair Waldorf.

Blair Waldorf fashion sense is more of a sweet Park Avenue Princess Look. Thats why most girls like it. Memang comel! Although it is sweet but it is also sexy at the same time. Bak kate still ade nampak ksopanan la. But the Leighton Meester herself is different. Leighton's style is more towards experimental. Memang jauh beza! However i prefer Blair Waldorf style better then Leighton Meester. Blair is more feminine and sweet. But Leighton style is sometimes a bit scary and disgusting. OMG! What is Leighton Meester thinking? Everytime i watch fashion police on E Channel pun slalu jer dengar diaorg kutuk her fashion. If i remember her outfit mase Emmy Award last year memang truk. Baru2 nie tengok fashion police about New York Fashion Week pun her outfit is truk. Gosh! I just think that Leighton Meester should stay with the Blair Waldorf style. Baru lah tselah kmanisan and keayuan dia. Leighton Meester is actually a sweet pretty girl. But her drastic image just hide it. LOL! Well, lets check on Blair Waldorf and Leighton Meester fashion style.....................

Blair Waldorf

Blair/Leighton in Blue Sailor Style outfit during Gossip Girl year 1. This dress is really lovely and jadi ikutan most young girls. Even i admired it too.

Blair's cotillion gown. WoWoW! She looks like Cinderella.

Tampak manis!

Looking like a lady. I love this outfit.

Nice sundress!

Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester during Emmy Award 2009. This gown la yg jadi kutukan fashion police. Its really awful. The cutting, the fluffy white puffs on her shoulders..........memang x kene langsung! Plus her make up looks like she is trying to still Maya Karin's role in Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam. Ish!

Sexy clown? Duh!

Gosh! She looks like a stripper. Can she find a nice black dress to wear?

What kinda dress is this? The textile reminds me of Cicak Man costume.

This one is not that bad. But the big flower on the chest should be smaller. It looks like a flower growing from her chest. Duh! And what with the shoes? LOL!


  1. Dlm GG stylist yg pilihkan her clothes. Tapi i rase LeiGhToN nyer dress up quite creative. I suke gayer dia.


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