Fake Vs Natural!

Mak uit! Ape la nak jadi ngan kaum Hawa zaman skrang nie? Why ramai sgt ladies yg suke bgantung kpd fake beauty stuffs to make themselves look pretty and confident? Aduh-duh!  Kalo tengok  kat shopping mall byk sgt ladies yg pakai make up tbal, fake eyelashes, contact lense, and even wigs. I wonder why? Where have all the confident in all women gone? According  to a report in facebook saying that,............ most women wanna look as beautiful as a star but saying that they natural look x cantik. So they need fake materials to help them looking good. Duh! Some women also trying they best to be the most beautiful among their amigas ( X abis2 masalah nie dlm girl world. Ado!) and some also saying that they aren't confident with their natural look. Alamak! Why? Bukan ker Allah S.W.T dah mberi sumer wanita anugerah tsendiri. Every women should feel thankful with it. Every women is special in their own way. X perlu nak fake beauty stuffs to make them look amazing. Bsyukur lah dgn pemberian smule jadi or shall i say natural beauty. Btw, whats the point having all your friends compliment you bcoz of your fake beauty? Its not really you! Its just the products that make you look good. Behind it you are just the same old you.  Not being confident with your own natural beauty is a bad thing girl! It means you aren't thankful dgn pberian Allah S.W.T. So say what? Unleash your confident by showing people the real you! No need to wear make up that is so tbal till people cannot agak how you really look like plus make up tbal boley rosakkan your natural beautiful skin! No need to wear fake eyelashes! Buat berat mate jer! No need to wear contact lenses! Buat gatal mate jek! Just look natural and jage pnampilan. Thats what beauty really is! Pls take a note ladies............ having people compliment you bcoz of your fake beauty is a BAD THING! Try to look natural one day. Trust me........... if someone compliment you for your natural look............. you'll feel much better bcoz people really compliment you. So be natural but confident and be thankful with what God gave you. Sumer wanita ade keistimewaan sendiri. X perlu gune yg fake2.

Contoh natural beauty.......... Lisa Surihani. Cute!

Contoh fake beauty....... Katie Price. Minah hodoh! Prasan jek cantik with all the plastic surgery and stuffs. Yuck!


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