Raye 2010 Journal (Second Day/Part 2)

From left: Aqim, Ayah, Uncle Umar, Mama Tan, and Me.

Ok..........just now you all read my first day raye journal. Skrang nie you all can read my second day journal plak. Lets start................

On the second day of syawal kiteorg ( Me, Ayah, Mami, Aqim, and Mama Tan) gie visit our Unlce Umar. Uncle Umar is Ayah's eldest brother. We've heard that on the first day of raye Uncle Umar was alone. He did not went to Auntie Atam's or Auntie Abo's crib. He just spend the first day of syawal all by himself. LOL! So thats why la we've decided to put a smile on he's face on the second day. Raye at Uncle Umar's crib was fun. Ade byk kuih. Ade yg Uncle Umar buat sendiri, Mama Tan bawak, and also we bring some food for him. We've sit there chit chatting, watching tv. The adults ade byk topic to chat.......sal politics la, masalah social, facebook,.....................wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Byk giler. Me and Aqim just dok diam and listen jer. Huhuh!!!!!!!!!! On 6pm kiteorg balik. Actually Ayah nak balik at 5pm. Tapi time tu Stylistika Siti was on tv. I nak tengok. its about Datuk Siti Nurhaliza fashion evolution. So tpakse la balik an hour later. 

However raye at Uncle Umar's crib was good. We had a lot of fun. Thanx Uncle Umar! ^_^


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