Raye 2010 Journal (Fourth Day/Part 3)

Erm,..............slalu nyer fourth day should be part 4. But for me its part 3. Well, on the third day kiteorg just dok rumah. X gie mane2 and nobody dtg our house pun that time. Huhuh! So x perlu citer la. Though Farhana or Wawa is going to come bcoz on the second day diaorg sms nak dtg. But unfortunately i gie visit Uncle Umar that time. Ok'lah, lets cut the crab and share my fourth day journal with you all.

On the fourth day, we plak buat open house for family to come. Well, x la ramai sgt yg kiteorg jemput. Actually Mami just janji jer ngan Uncle Cu tu visit us on Monday. Mase raye kat rumah Auntie Atam,........ dia pun tanye bile dia leh dtg rumah kiteorg. So Mami and Ayah jemput la Auntie Atam and her kids to join. Memang syok giler! Anak2 Auntie Atam ramai. Tu la buat meriah. Unlce Cu's son Daniel lak naughty and funny. Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Biase la 8 years old lil boy. But sronok mlayan krenah nyer. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, thats all jer la i nak citer. Kalo ade exciting raye story lagi i share with you at this blog ok. For now,.............Wassalam.

From left: Nana, Qila, and Me. ^_^

With my cousin, Sadal.

Me in my brand new dress from Envee! Love it!


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