Gaga Style-Is So Crazy!

OMG! Gosh! I just don't understand why most people are saying Lady Gaga is a fashion icon. Can someone explain. Duh! I don't like her fashion sense. I just think that she have a very weird and a crazy taste. Well, i mean BAD TASTE! Gosh! Who wanna wear those crazy looking shoes. Susah nak jalan and boley jatuh and can even hurt yourself lol. Ado! Well, most of my friends yg suke dia saying that she is creative and quite brave to have that kinda image. Erm, first i agree la jugak. Yeah, she is thinking of something out of the box and unique. Tapi bile dah lame2 tengok bikin jijik and mluat. Its just too much and getting crazy. Plus her fashion is not even beautiful pun. I don't think what she is doing should dijadikan ikutan among our (Malaysian) youth. Well, Lady Gaga can be unique. But she should think of something less crazy. That should be better. I mean like fashion icons like Gwen Stefani, or even Katy Perry pun ade gaye sendiri and think something out of the box jugak. But their style are still acceptable and wearable. Infact i like Gwen and Katy. Even Lady Gaga's music videos also have bad taste. Some tlalu ganas la. Example Bad Romance. Ish! Umm,........... however tpulang la pade masing2 nak tafsir camne. I'm just giving my opinion and Gaga Style is just not my taste. Huhuh!

Lady Gaga at VMA 2010 in Alexander McQueen creation. My gosh! What kinda crazy is this? This is just too avant garde. LOL!

Lady Gaga at VMA 2010 in Meat Dress. What was she thinking? Ish! Ade ker org nak pakai meat dress karang? Will meat dress be a trend after this? Hope not! Its too disgusting! No way!

This are the outfits that she wore for VMA last year. Crazy!


  1. I suke gayer LaDy GaGa. Dia brani!

  2. Yeah..........she's really brave. But she's just too much. Sape nak bgaye camnie. Ish!

  3. Arman sounds like a real catch :P I'm also touched how he lifted Orkid.
    Love love your artwork! I need more book heartthrobs in my life loll! xx


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