Eat Pray Love-X BEST!

Last wednesday, I had my day off from work. On that day pulak me and my family dok Traders Hotel yg kat sblah KLCC tu. So since i x de keje on that day i pegi tengok Julia Roberts nyer latest movie Eat Pray Love yg tengah hot sgt at cinema skrang nie. I nak tengok that movie since most people yg dah tengok kate best. My new boss pun kate that movie brings good message. Lalalalalalala!!!!!!!!!!!!! So i pegi tengok la. But too bad dlm cinema i tsenggok2 and feelin ngantuk. At first movie dia memang boring giler meh! Asyik cakap2 jer but no action. However, i try my best not to fall asleep and try to enjoy the movie. But x boley jugak coz movie dia memang x best langsung. I x nampak pun ape yg boss i cakap ade dlm movie tu. All i can see is that Eat Pray Love byk hindu propaganda jer and kurang sesuai utk muslim.  Well, the movie is about a women who is actually finding who she really is and at the end she did and feels that God is in her. Ish2! Salah tu!

Well, thats all la i wanna share. Nothing much! Huhuh.......................


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