The Making Of UNIQLO Malaysia.

Eiyo peepz, sorry sbab dah lame x update blog nie. I've been super duper busy lately. Sampai nak gie movie ngan my girls pun x tsempat. Ahah! Miss you girls so much, Madihah and Iza. Ok'lah, kat sinie i just nak share bout what i've been doing lately. Nie har knape sbab i busy bangat skrang nie.  Well, write now i baru jek diemploy as a fashion consultant from a famous Japanese High Street Fashion Company. Have you heard the name UNIQLO? Hehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!! Tu la name company yg keje skrang.

Ok'lah, let me tell you something about UNIQLO. Well, it a Japanese top fast fashion retailing company. UNIQLO is rank top 5 as the best fast fashion retailing company after Zara (Spain), H&M (Sweden), Gap (America), Top Shop( UK). Kat Japan UNIQLO dah number 1. First UNIQLO store in Malaysia will be open this early November at Farenhite 88. Dengar citer HITZ FM will be coming to our grand opening. To all fashion lovers.............jgn la luper dtg UNIQLO's grand opening yer. Our product are really in a good quality. Price pun x la mahal sgt. I think Top Shop lagi mahal. Huhuh.................

Right now, kiteorg busy setting up the store. Byk lagi fixture yg blum siap. Hope we can finish everything a week before the grand opening. Kiteorg tired giler! But also having fun at the same time. Wahah! Skrang nie pulak musim flue and batuk. Ramai jugak yg MC and kurang sihat. But still we are working hard for UNIQLO. I'am trying my best to learn a lot about setting up stores coz Insya'Allah 2/3 years lagi i kene set up my own store pulak. Hehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Neira Fadima Fashion! Weeheee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Btw, i'am kinda excited for the grand opening. This coming grand opening will be my first experience opening a store. Sblum nie x pnah mrase. I just anggap ape yg i buat for UNIQLO skrang nie sbg sambungan ape yg i x dpt blaja mase kursus PUNB dulu.

With my new friend, May.

From left: Sabrina, Kak Lia, and Me. During training week.


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