From The Heart Of A Young Girl.

Don't judge me by who I was or who i will be,
But by who i am right now.

Don't judge me by the clothes i wear on my body,
But by the expression i wear on my face.

Don't judge me by how many friends i have,
But by the friends i choose.

Don't judge me by the color of my skin,
But by the color of my personality.

Don't judge me by how i speak,
But by what i listen to and what i hear.

Don't judge me by my eyes,
But by how my eyes look on the world.

In fact, don't judge me at all,
Because if you judge me,
Then you are only comparing me to you,
And i am not you.
I reflect you,
But i am not you.
If you stop judging me
And take the time to really see me,
Then you may find
That you love me for who i am...................



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