Its A Girl Thing!

Huhuh! Thank God dlm ksibukan bkerja dpt jugak i jumpe my gals like i always enjoyed. Yup! Me and my gals had a good Girls Day Out last tuesday. Well, tuesday hari tu was my off day from work. Kbtulan plak mase tu Iza pun free and it was her birthday the day before. So we all go out to celebrate la. But sayang one of our pal Madihah x dpt dtg. She had an event with UITM. Ado! But never mind la. Kite boley jumpe lagi next time. Insya'Allah. That day Iza invite her friend, Raden. So i dpt new friend lagi la. YaY! Raden is really cool! She's nice and a fun girl to talk with. Well, Raden hope our friendship will last forever after this. Thanx Iza! Looks like you have lotsa nice buddies. Sblum Iza slalu introduce her friends kat i. Before this i dah knal Reiko (she's cool too!), Id and Ferd (this boys pun best jugak).

On that day kiteorg lunch together at Carl's Jr. Then watch movie together. On that day we watch You Again. It is one of the hottest chick flick on cinema now. Sbab tu kiteorg choose that movie. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!! That movie memang best and funny giler. Really hilarious! Sumer org dlm cinema tgelak sakan. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Again lagi best pade Eat Pray Love yg i tengok before this. Huhuh!

Well, that all la i nak share with you all sumer. We had a great time together. Hope to she each other again bile we all together free nanti. Hahah!

From left: Raden, Iza, and Me. ^_^

With my bff, Iza. Happy 24 Birthday Iza!

With new amiga, Raden.


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