NFD Beading Mobile Sox ( Hurry! Grab It Now!)

Hellow peepz, sure some of you have been asking about Neira Fadima Designs new product kan. Hehehe! Well, i'm feeling thankful that some of the accessories yg i design dulu dah pun sold out. Hair bows sumer dah sold out. Sorry, i dah agak lame x produce new product coz right i'am buzy as a buzzin bee with my new job lol. Huhuh!

Well, here i would like to introduce to you my latest NFD product................NFD Beading Mobile Sox. Yup! Its a nice phone pouch yg i dah decorate with sequin beading on it. Right now this product cumer ade only one jer. The mobile sox is black in color with blue and pink flower sequin on it. If you wan a phone pouch with another design you can also custom made from me or wait for new ones to be available. This mobile sox can also be use for Ipods and MP3s.  The price for this item is RM16.00. X mahal sgt for a unique product. Hehehe! So what are you waiting for. Grab it la while you can. Pls write to me if you are interested in this product.

Ps: Beading bags, cosmetic pouch, mobile sox, and new hair bows coming soon from Neira Fadima Design. Make sure you catch it out!

You can put your mobile phone, Ipods,MP3 in it!


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