Emerald Green-The Color Trend For 2011.

Eiyo friends, looks like its already a month since we celebrate 2011. Esok dah nak masuk February dah. Fuh! Cpat sungguh mase blalu. Thursday nie Chinese New Year pulak. We'll be welcoming year of the bunny. Huhuh! Well, the reason i'm writing this post is not to share with you about CNY or bunnies. Tapi nak share sal a new fashion info i just got. Pagi tadi i was watching Fashion Police on E while having my breakfast. They were talking about Golden Globe fashion and also the latest color trend for 2011. Most hollywood stars looking really hot and stylish on the red carpet. Especially Angelina Jolie. She look so stunning in a long sleeve emerald green dress. Whoola! According to fashion police that emerald green is the new black for this year. Beautiful! If its going to be true i love it. Green is one of my favorite color. I love shades of green like emerald, teal, jade,lime, honeydew, mint, paris............................! Green is a very beautiful color. Sdap mate memandang plak tu. Hehehe! Besides Angie, there are a lot more celebrity wearing emeral green color such as Catherine Zeta Jones in a beautiful emerald green ball gown designed by Versace, Mila Kunis in Vera Wang, and Elizabeth Moss in Donna Karan. Well, thats all for now. Kalo btul emerald green la the new color trend. I kene carik baju color tu lah. Hey wait! I dah ade agak byk dah pun emerald green dress. Hehehe! X payah la shopaholic sgt. Cheers!

Catherine Zeta Jones looking beautiful in emerald green ball gown by Versace.

Classy and elegant! Elizabeth Moss in Donna Karan. I love this dress!

WoW! Stunning Angelina Jolie!

Mila Kunis looks really hot in Vera Wang! Cun la dress nie!


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