Perfume Oh Perfume!

Yesterday after work, I went to the airport to pick up my Mom. She just got back from Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Dia ade keje jap kat sane. Heheh! Mase menunggu tu i tinjau2 kdai fragrance and test some sense. Well, itu dah jadi kbiasaan i. Everytime i went in a fragrance shop mesti i akan test any fragrance yg bottle dia looks interesting to me. Biase lah org suke window shop. Hahaha! That time i've tested Britney's latest perfume, Radiance. The sense x kuat sgt. Its just the bottle jer yg mnarik. I also tested Harajuku Lovers. The sense memang best giler! Wah! Actually i dah byk kali dah tested  Harajuku Lovers. I saje jer test the sense byk kali becoz i love it. bau dia memang chic giler. Gwen really have a good taste.

Well, i nie memang org yg suke sgt dgn perfume. Yeh! I'm a perfume crazy person. I love the sense and the bottle as well. Hahah! Even currently nie pun i'm using lbih kurang 6 or 7 bottle. Waaah! Antare nyer is Miss Dior  Cherie, Juicy Couture, Britney's Hidden Fantasy, Tommy Girl, Cool Water for Women, Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise, and L'Occitane Cherry Blossom. Well, what can i say................. I JUST LOVE PERFUME SO MUCH! Rase macam susah nak kuar rumah tanpe perfume. Ish! Rase kurang lengkap la tanpe perfume. I nie jenis suke sweet chic floral sense. Before this i pnah pakai perfume DKNY, Ralph Lauren, Guerlain Samsara, and J-Lo's  Glow. Guerlain Samsara is really a nice perfume. I love the posh spicy sense. Memang hot! Now, that perfume dah abis and i think i nak carik a new one la. Huhuh! Besides that i also nak try Harajuku Lovers, Juicy Couture latest perfume and also Vera Wang's Princess Rocks.  But right now perfume yg paling cocok with me is Juicy Couture or Miss Dior Cherie. Hehehe! Tiap2 kali i pakai perfume nie mesti my work mate, Alia akan tegur........... " You nie bau wangi la!".  Well, thats all i wanna share with you all about my love for perfume. Nanti kite share other topics lak ok. XoXo!

My current favorite sense........... Miss Dior Cherie.

Also my favorite.............. Juicy Couture perfume!

Trigin nak cube any one of this cute babies. Maybe i'll try G or Baby.


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