HooRaY To Miss Ana Raffali!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday when i came back from work, Anugerah Juara Lagu was on air. So while enjoying my pizza for dinner, i watched the show. AJL this year was good. All the performers present their best especially Faizal Tahir, Hafiz, and Stacy. Their performance are soooooooo wickedly fantastic. Faizal was totally cool with the hanyut trick. Hafiz's preformance looks real. Stacy was totally energetic. I was really happy that Ana Raffali's Tolong Ingatkan Aku won AJL this year. That song is awesome. It has it own flow and style. Horray! Ana Raffali! Ana Raffali is really talented. She can sing, compose, and play. So she deserve to win it. Meet Uncle Hussain and Black's Drama King won the second spot. Drama King is a good rock song that i really enjoy listening. Black nyer vocal memang mantap. Hafiz's Noktah Cinta won the third spot. That song was great also. Ajai is really a good composer. I'm happy that Hafiz won Best Vocal. He did sang he's best. Faizal Tahir won Persembahan Terbaik. Well, he's performance was really awesome.

Well, pendek kate sumer competitors for AJL this year memang best and talented giler. Hope AJL next year pun same. This year best becoz byk indie rock band yg btanding. Huhuh!

Ana Raffali........ young talented singer, musician, and composer won AJL for Tolong Ingatkan Aku. Syabas Ana Raffali!


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