You've Got Confirm!

Syukur kpd Allah S.W.T. all my hard work at work has finally been paid off. Thank got! X sangke i'm now a confirm staff at UNIQLO. All my hard work and afford has been notice by my boss. Syukur. Its not easy to get confirm. Fuh!

Baru last week before i balik keje, my boss Miss Kim told me to wait for her coz she wanted to give me something. So tunggu la for her. Then she gave me and envelope saying its my confirmation letter in it. I felt so thankful. I thanked Miss Kim for giving me the confirming me as a staff. Miss Kim also thanked me for my hard work and afford and also told me that i must work harder this time. Heheh! :P. Ofcuz la! Dah confirm as a staff bukan b'erti glamour or k'megahan. It means we have to try our best to work in all out and improve our selves everyday. Thats my motto pun skrang nie. I wanna improve myself better at work and as a person everyday. I'm willing to take any teguran and change myself and ofcuz always being positive no matter how hard sometimes it is. Stress ker x stress...........i must go through it! I must be strong! I set my target for 2011 is that.............BE A BETTER PERSON THEN BEFORE!

WoW! Bgaye mcm CEO la pulak. Insya'Allah someday i'll have my own company.


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