Miss Shopaholic!

Hey peepz, it's been quite a while list the last time i've edited my post. Ok'lah, dlm post baru nie kite nak bsoksek sal almost everybody nyer favorite subject and that is SHOPPING ofcuz! Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure all of you kalo ade free time or pocket tengah byk mesti get your lazy bums to the mall with buddies kan. Heheh! Same with me also lol! I really enjoy shopping. I have to admit it lol that i have Becky Bloomwood's (the main character in Shopaholic novel) syndrome. Maukakah!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes kalo hang out at the mall with my buddies bile nampak jer mane2 shop yg ade sales and got nice things inside mesti i akan masuk and check it out. But sometimes i just went in for a window shopping. It depends lol! Lucky i still boley kawal my shopaholic syndrome. Fuh!

Well,..........however, i have to admit that shopping is really fun lol. Sronok rase nyer bile kite dpt pulang ker rumah with something new. For example like new fashionable outfits, handbags, shoes, accessories, lingerie, perfume, and even cosmetics. Tambahan skrang nie my gaji baru naik and my freelance business is getting better................. lagi la i rase nak shopping jer slalu. Ish! Must control! Ade gaji pun kene simpan and mlabur. Bak kate org tua2.......... prepare your umbrella before it rains. Yeh, i do simpan jugak most of my money. X la slalu sgt i buy new things. I know how to spend my money wisely. My Dad pun slalu jer sound i kalo i over shop. Hahah! Mcm mane pun i ikut Daddy's advise. Wuhuh! Although i'm a shopaholic but i'm also a good bargain hunter lol. I know whats good to buy and whats not. I also know how to compare price lol. So that helps. Itu la shopping tips nyer............. kene pandai pilih and beza kan harge barang. X leh bkenan and main beli jer. Huhuh! Ok'lah, thats all i wanna share with all of you shopaholic out there. Have a nice shopping day bile you all free and got money. But don't over spend. Be a smart shopper ok. XoXo!

With my BFF, Iza.............our latest shopping adventure...............kiteorg serbu UNIQLO, Nichie, and Parkson. Wuhuh!


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