Flower Boys!

Eiyo peepz, long time no see. Sorry i've been away lately. Nie pun baru jer balik pade Johor last two days ago. Huhuh! Ok'lah, since i'm back i nak share with you all a new interesting topic. Our new post kali nie is about "Flower Boys". Hehehe.....................i'm sure all the girls will love it.

Erm,.............ape sbnar nyer istilah Flower Boys nie? There are some source saying that, .........." maybe the time has finally arrived for women in this formerly Confucian society to openly appreciate the beauty of the opposite gender, or it may be that boys have actually become much "prettier" than before, and are beyond the traditional male attributes defined in such vocabularies as tall, dark and handsome." Well, it is kinda true. Flower Boys are really huge phenomenon in the entertainment, and fashion industry and even the world also. In my opinion istilah Flower Boys nie digunakan to discribe boys yg truely pretty, handsome, smart, and bgaye. Usually Flower Boys are the one yg look after their pnampilan really well. Some of them even bsolek sikit. Wow! Metrosexual! Infact most of the Flower Boys kbykan nyer lagi cantik dpd girls. Huhuh! However, Flower Boys are also not pondans. They are still very manly inside.Diaorg x girlish langsung! Jgn salah sangke plak yer.

The Flower Boys phenomenon also begins in Asia. It started with Hana Yori Dango ( a famous Japanese tv series base on a popular manga comic). Its is a story about four rich handsome pretty boys who called themself the F4 (Flower Four Boys). After that the Korean make the Flower Boys phenomenon more popular around the world after producing their own version of Hana Yori Dango- Boys Over Flowers.
Well, the four main male characters in KBS hit drama "Boys Over Flowers" are definitely tall, handsome, and all of them jaw-droppingly rich. But that's hardly enough to describe the huge pop culture sensation that has literally engulfed Korea. The four "Flower Boys" or "F4" have captivated the hearts of women of all ages in the country, be it a seven-year-old girl or 50-year-old housewife. Many men also watch it, though the majority of fans are women. Accoarding to another source, ever since BOF, a lot of men in Korea started to be more fashion conscious, buying cosmetics and facial products. Woah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, don't get confuse between Flower Boys and Jejake Jambu. They are not the same lol! Well, nie cumer opinion i jer la. Don't know if any of you guys have different opinion. Huhuh!!! Jejake Jambu are also hot. But only some of them are metrosexual and conscious about their looks. But Jejake Jambu slalu nyer x de la nak dikatekan nampak lagi cantik pade girls. Like Flower Boys most of them memang lagi cantik and bgaye pade girls. You can see the example pade the Korean F4. Jejake Jambu are like Taylor Lautner, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Rafael Nadal. Erm,...........ape lagi nak share. Ok'lah kat sinie saje lah topic kite for today. See next time ok. Take care. XoXo!

Flower Four Boys!

Kim Joon.........one of the F4 boys in BOF! He's hot!

Hollywood Flower Boy................Chace Crawford! He is the most good looking boy in the world!


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