Malaysian Celebs Red Carpet Couture

Eiyo mates, its been quite a while since i've posted in this blog. Here i'm back with a new topic. Today i nak share with you all sumer about Malaysian Celebs Red Carpet Couture. Yup! Kite dah byk kali share about hollywood celebs red carpet fashion, ape kate kali nie kite share bout our own local celebs plak.

I've been watching a lot of local award shows and red carpets lately. Umm,........ I've notice that some of our celebs pandai jgak bgaye. Their red carpet dresses are lovely and stunning. Antare mereka yg bgaye are  Fazura, Lisa Surihani, Scha Alyahya, Maya Karin, Kila Fairy, Liyana Jasmay, Diana Danielle, and new star, Neelofa. All this stars are in the list of best dress Malaysian celebs. We can see their good taste in fashion during last weekend Festival Filem Malaysia Award. Memang cun dan bgaye sumer nyer! Wah! Most of the celebs are wearing couture that are design by local young designers like Rizman Ruzaini, and Ezuwan Ismail (kalo bukak magazine or interview with celebs memang dua name nie la yg slalu dengar). Huhuh! Ok'lah, nothing much to say. Lets check out some pics of our local celebs at FFM24 last weekend..................

Malaysian new celeb and beauty icon, Neelofa looks like a silver mermaid at FFM24 Red Carpet. WoW! Stunning!

Karak star, Kila Fairy also look stunning in all white evening gown.

Diana Danielle looks really pretty in this sweet yellow cream evening gown. Lovely!

Malaysian young celeb, Liyana Jasmay also look  lovely in a simple blue gray tone evening dress.

Glit couple, Awal and Scha. I think Scha Alyahya looks really amazing and gorgeous in this simple dark blue gown. Love it!

Heroin Cun, Maya Karin looks really beautiful in this pink kebaya like dress. Bagaikan Puteri Kayangan wah! Even i'm also feeling green with envy. Hehehe!

Lisa Surihani one of the best dress during FFM 24. Really like the florals on the dress. Yo go Lisa!

.........and the best dress of my choice goes to..............FAZURA! She looks like Cinderella in this blue silver gown by Rizman Ruzaini. Memang lawa!


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