Youth Day Out!

EiYo! How's everyone doing? Is everyone doing great lately? Hope so yeah. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, i'm here to share with you all about our outting last Sunday. Me and my friends went out to Suria KLCC. Memang meriah giler! Ramai friends yg join kali nie,..............Iza, Madihah, Raden, Zulfadly, Id, and Fird. Well, the reason we went out together is to celebrate Madihah's First Class Degree Graduation ( Congrats babe! Terror la you!), Iza's 25 birthday, Raden's birthday, and Id's birthday.

First, kiteorg bramai2 lunch at Pizza Hut. Wo! Memang meriah giler kiteorg shraing pizza ramai2. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After that we went to Petro Science. Hehehe............its Iza's birthday wish! Dia nak sgt tengok dinosour. But sayang mase kiteorg lpak kat Petro Science tu Madihah x dpt join skali. She have to go back early becoz dia ade hal. Alahai! Well, nak buat camne. Kene la respect people's hal. Huhuh! However, i rase bsyukur jugak la dpt lpak ngan Madihah. Kiteorg dpt jumpe agak lame jugak last Sunday. Plus kiteorg pegi naik KTM dari Bangi together. So macam2 jugak la kiteorg dpt borak. Ngehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After we've done with Petro Science, we went for tea at Pelita Nasi Kandar. When we've finish we all pun bsurai krn hari sdah malam. Me and Iza balik together naik ERL.

We were really happy and rase bsyukur dpt lpak ramai2 like this. Like i always mention in all my older post before bukan snang for us to lpak like this. All of us busy with commitment masing2. Actually for this outting i ade jugak ajak some  other friends to join us tapi diaorg pun ade hal masing2. So what to do? Huhuh! Ok'lah thats all my story for today. Kiteorg ade plan nak lpak same2 lagi in the future. Insya'Allah akan ade jugak la mase nyer nanti. For now i can say is...............TTFN (Ta Ta For Now! ^_^) .

Iza, Raden, Me and Pizza Hut!

Iza and Me!

Finish our pizza already.

At Petro Science! ^_^

Iza, Raden, Me, Id, and Zulfadly.

Tea time at Pelita Nasi Kandar! ^_^


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