The True Meaning Of Beauty.

Holla back peeps, wassup? I was reading Aina Emir's ( novel writer) blog last 2 days ago and found an interesting topic that i would like to share with you all here. Yup! I wanna tell you my own opinion on this topic. The writer is writing about beauty. What is beauty anyway? Why is beauty so important to the society nowdays? Huhuh!

Accoarding to Aina Emir, the society nowdays are very particular about beauty. Everything must be beautiful. Kalo x cantik payah nak trimer. Ado! Dasyat tu! The writer even mention that she have to make all her hero and heroin in her novel handsome and beautiful if not people won't buy. Well, itu btul la kan. That is a marketing strategy. But what makes me supprise  is that the writer mention that there are some of her novel readers asking that "is the writer also good looking?". Ayo! Why???????????? Some of the fans were saying that they would like to imagine the writer's face when they read the novel. So thats why they wan to know how the writer looks like. Oh see! Ade juge fans yg bpendapat macam tu. X sangke! There are also some fans saying that  " if the writer is not beautiful..........x de slera la kami nak bace novel nie". That makes me feel a bit disagree. Hey! Whats your point? Knape nak imagine muke penulis nyer jgak. Slalu nyer bile bace novel you imagine what the story tells you. Not the writer's face. Aduhai!

Btul juge kate Aina Emir, kat Malaysia nie kalo nak jadi celebrity kene ade ruper. Kalo x...........cannot sell! A singer yg ade bakat tapi ruper dia kurang won't last long in the industry. But for a singer yg cantik and ade bakat btambah hot meletop la for example like Dato Siti Nurhaliza. Even singer yg suare macam katak bentong pun boley laku kalo muke macam fairy tale princess. Hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Same juga for film stars. Kalo bagus macam mane blakon pun tapi x de ruper x de nyer director nak offer jadi hero/heroin. Stakat character sampingan ade la. For yg ade ruper tu x kire ade bakat or x de....................for sure la slalu dpt offer jadi hero/heroin.

Cantik nie bukan saje jadi penting dikalangan celebrity. But also for some ordinary peoples. Kalo dah cantik ramai jer la org nak jadi kawan, nak minat kite. Tapi kalo rupe sederhane hanye org tertentu jer la nak knal kite. I think that should not happen in a society. Society x patut pentingkan beauty sgt. In my opinion true beauty came in the inside of every human being. Not just paras rupe. Cantik paras rupe adalah anugerah yg diberi oley Allah S.W.T kpd manusia and manusia patut rase bsyukur dgn nyer and jage nyer ngan baik. I always think that org yg hati nyer memang dah baik slalu akan nampak cantik. What is in the inside shows the outside. Thats what i always believe ever since i was a lil child. I think masyarakat x patut utamekan and megahkan kcantikan paras rupe sgt. Knal lah hati budi a person dulu. Jgn tindas mane2 manusia krn paras rupe. After all kcantikan yg kekal pade diri seseorg is the....................INNER BEAUTY!

Well, what more should i say? I think thats all lol. So friends, do remember that inner beauty is the true beauty. Kpd yg memang dah cantik paras rupe..............syukur kpd Allah S.W.T krn memberi anugerah kpd anda. Tapi jgn lah bmegah sgt dgn klebihan tu. Inner beauty mesti ade jugak. Ok lah' x nak cakap byk................XoXo.................Wassalam.

Rozita Che Wan............the most beautiful women in Malaysia. Wow! What a blessing Allah S.W.T give her the beauty. But its not easy for her also ya.

Ku Hye Sun.....................Totally Inner Beauty Chick! She's not so hot and beautiful. But she is bright and have a nice personality. That's what inner beauty really is.


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