2011 DOs..............

An nyung mates, spatut nyer dah lame i post this post..............but what to do................baru skrang sempat. Actually i nak share with you all sumer what i've do, try and experience during last years. Thats why the title is 2011 DOs. Ok'lah, x nak buang mase. So jom kite start skrang.....................

Make New Friends

I've begin my 2011 working at Uniqlo. At Uniqlo i've make a lots of new friends. Some of my work mates are really nice and boley dibuat BFF. Ade jgak yg kurang sesuai nak dibuat kawan. Well, biase la...............manusia! Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides making friends at Uniqlo, i also make new friend with some of my friends punye friends. Mostly they all are my BFF- Iza's friends. Some of my new friends are also my mom's student. Well, thats the way it should be. Every year mesti make new friends. I hope i'll be making more new friends bile blaja MBA nanti. Insya'Allah. Dah mule bkenalan dah pun. Hopefully they all also got accepted la from UKM. We are gonna be class mates. Weehee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Learn New Things/Experience

Yeah! Working at Uniqlo make me learn a lot of new things on fashion business management. I've learn about customer service, visual merchandising, product management, supply chain management, stock counting, stock take, cashering (thats totally new to me!), cash in ,cash out, fitting room management, cleanliness management of the shop floor. It is really fun! Good experience lol! Besides working at Uniqlo, i was also given the opportunity to help my mother and Auntie Dah on the their research project for Finas. Kiteorg buat keje koding for film/movies.

New Crush( Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!) ^_^

Yeah! Last year i had a lot of new crush. Jgn tkezut dong!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kali nie my new crush are Korean hearthtrobs. Wohoho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pun x tau macam mane i boley tpesona ngan Korean boys plak. Well, maybe becos of their flare kot. Sumer nyer blaku after i got addicted to Boys Over Flowers. Most of my new crush ade dlm my hot guys list. You can see in the previous post lol.

Learn New Culture

Last year, i dah mule bminat dgn Korea. Korea dah jadi macam new interest to me. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!! So i've learn quite a lot about Korean culture by watching their drama and documentary at KBS World. To me Korean culture memang interesting. Their culture x byk beza sgt dgn Malay culture. Culture diaorg pnuh dgn ksopanan. Being interested in the Korean culture also help me to improve my manace and also make me a wiser person. Syukur. For this year i heard that kiteorg kene blaja foreign language for this MBA programe. I nak blaja Korean language la. Smoge tcapai la my objective. I have to work lol. Insya'Allah.

Travel To  New Foreign Cities

During 2011 i did travel to two new foreign cities. After quiting from Uniqlo i've travel to Bangkok and Seoul. This two cities are new to me. It is the first time i've visited Bangkok and Seoul. Both city are fun and ade keistimewaan tsendiri. Kalo ade rzeki nak saje i visit lagi Seoul and Bangkok. This two cities are one of my best vacation. Insya'Allah kalo ade rzeki dpt la i travel lagi to Bangkok and Seoul. Thanx to my parents krn bawak i visit this two amazing cities. Besides cities, i've also visited Jeju Island this year. Jeju is a very beautiful island. Nice place for honeymoon lol.

New Interest and Hobby

Well, i x sure la if i dah jumpe hobby baru last year. But i have to say that after quiting Uniqlo i minat writing plak. Well, sblum nie pun i dah slalu writing in this blog. Well, that is also for my business ofcuz. But baru2 nie i ade jumpe idea baru to write a novel/story. I nie memang daydreamer. I have to admit that i'am kuat brangan. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes me realise that it is good that i jadikan angan2 i tu satu karya. Yeah! Why not man! So baru2 nie i ade try writing my idea for a novel. I dah cube karang sampai 3 chapters. I hope lpas i blaja nie i ade spare time la to write my idea. Org kate jadi graduate student kene spend most time studying. However i believe i still have the chance to do what i like in the future. Insya'Allah. I akan usahakan.

Ok'lah. Thats all yg i do and expirence during the year 2011. Hope this 2012 will bring me another good fortune. Fortune pertame dah dpt dah. Insya'Allah this 2012 will be another good year for me. Smoge i dpt achieve my objective. Sarangheyo. ^_^


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