Selamat Pengantin Baru Rohaini and Feeling Thankful Today!

Me (in the green baju kurung) at Rohaini's (the bride) wedding.

Dear all, looks like this my first post of 2012. Hope it is not too late wish you all Happy New Year. Sorry for not writing quite a long time. I've been busy lately. Ok'lah lets cut the crab. I begin my fist post of 2012 with my high school pal, Rohaini's wedding. Yup! One of my good friend mase high school dulu dah kawen today. So congratz to Hunny and her hubby, Amir. Smoge bahagia and cpat dpt baby ok. Hehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May Allah S.W.T bless the both of you. The wedding was quite nice and simple. The food was good. Yang best nyer dpt jumpe ramai high school friends- Raja Hanisah, Nurzaini, Fara Mel, Kinah. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! Time moves really, really fast. X sangke some of my friends ade yg dah jadik ibu. Tahniah! Well, kiteorg nie kalo ikutkan umo x la mude sgt. Just hati jer rase mude. Hehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tahun nie umo dah nak masuk 26 dah pun kiteorg nie. Logic la ade yg dah kawen and dpt anak. Huhuh....................

Oh yeah! Besides Hunny's wedding, i also nak share some good news with you all sumer. Baru jer 2 hours tadi i trimer email from University Kebangsaan Malaysia Graduate Business School that i got accepted already. Syukur kpd Allah S.W.T. I'm feeling really thankful and happy lol. Syukur..........atas berkat usahe dan doa slame nie. Now i dah dpt pluang sambung my MBA. I will work the best for my future success. Gambateh me and aca cha fight it! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rase ade smangat baru lol! first good fortune for 2012. Syukur.What more should i say here. Ok'lah thats all for this post. I wish all of you the best for 2012. Same2 kite doakan kjayaan bsame ok. Take care. Sarangheyo! ^_^


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