NEW HAIR BANDS COLLECTION from Neira Fadima Designs! (Available Now!)

Calling all fashionistas and hair bands collectors who are looking for new designs and styles....................pls check out Neira Fadima Designs new hair bands collection. Its avaible now and ready for you to grab. We got 2 designs with variety of colors. We got the famous Stilla Flora Hair Bands (those are the ones selling like hotcakes. Pmintaan for this design pun byk!), and also the new Sparkle Flora Hair Bands. I reckon to you that this two hair band designs are very unique. You can't find it at any other store or even other blogshop. They all are  all originally NFD collections! So lets not lingo and check them out......................

Stilla Flora Hair Bands

Stilla Flora Hair Bands Collection. Avaible is 3 colors. Selling at RM 14.00 each.

Stilla Flora Hair Band-Pink

Stilla Flora Hair Band-Green

Stilla Flora Hair Band-Black

This is the very famous Stilla Flora Hair Bands collection. This collection memang cpat jual and also have high request from our loyal customers. This Stilla Flora Hair Bands are like an everyday must have accessories. You can wear it for formal or casual events. This hair bands are also stylish, fun, femine, youthfull (but can also be worn my mature ladies), glamourus, and makes you look flirtatious. This Stilla Flora Collections are avaible in Pink, Green, and Black. They are only selling at RM14.00 each. So what are you waiting for. Grad it while stock last and make your self stylish and flirtatious!

Sparkle Flora Hair Bands

Sparkle Flora Hair Bands Collection. Available in 2 colors.

Sparkle Flora Hair Band-Purple. Selling at RM 27.00

Sparkle Flora Hair Band- White. Selling at RM30.00.

Sparkle Flora Collections are new designs from Neira Fadima Designs. Currently this collections are only available in Purple and White color. This new hair bands design will help you make your beauty shine with its sparkling flare persona. It is very chic, trendy, hot, sassy, feminine, and lovely. This design can also be worn for both formal and casual events. This Sparkle Flora Hair Bands are selling at different prices.  The Purple color is selling at RM27.00. While the White color is selling at RM30.00. Both are at afordable price. So what are you waiting for. Grab your very own Sparkle Flora Hair Band NOW! Sape cpat dia dpt! It will make people melt when people see you in it.


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