NFD New Product! Introducing Lady Diva Handmade Beaded Dinner Pouch! (Available Now!)

Hello fashionistas, rase dah dah Neira Fadima Designs x introduce new line. Huhuh!!!!!!!!!! I busy bangat slame nie. Btw, here is NFD first line of 2012. Introducing the new Lady Diva Handmade Beaded Dinner Pouch. Currently this dinner pouch is only avaible in black color only. But have no worries you still can order any color if you wan. Just send me an email ok. This slick and stylish dinner pouch is handmade and is decorated with blue and gold sequin and also blue and yellow beads from Korea. This Lady Diva dinner pouch will help your style and persona stand out and also make you a fashionista at any dinner parties. So do you wanna be the most stylish girl at any dinner party? If yes then what are you waiting for. Grab this Lady Diva Handmade Beaded Dinner Pouch NOW! Hurry up while stock last. You'll be a diva at any dinner parties. Tapi ingat sape cpat............dia dpt! This Lady Diva Pouch is only selling at RM 25.00. Affordable only. Hurry up, grab it, and become a fashion diva!


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