Secret Garden Hair Nets (Available Now!)

Secret Garden Hair Nets. Available in 3 colors. Selling at RM15.00 each.

Secret Garden Hair Net-Yellow.

Secret Garden Hair Net- White.

Secret Garden Hair Net- Blue.

Eiyo fashionistas, let me introduce to you Neira Fadima Designs new hair nets collection. Here is our new collection called Secret Garden Hair Net. This designs are totally new. They are also original. You can find this hair nets at any stores or even blogshops. All this hair nets are handmade and all of them are decorated with floral sequin and beads from Korea and China. The Secret Garden Hair Nets Collection are currently available in 3 colors- Yellow, White, and Blue. This hair nets are elegant, sophisticated, hot, fun, feminine, flirty, and also sexy. It is suitable for women of all ages. X kire mude atau tua. It can also be worn during casual and formal event. The sparkle effects for this hair nets will make your hair look shiny. If you are thinking to look outstanding at any event............what are you waiting for. Book your Secret Garden Hair Net NOW. This  lovely hair nets are selling at RM 15.00 each. Sape cpat dia dpt. So hurry up!

Ps: To purchase or make an order for Neira Fadima Designs products do contact me at You can make your own request and give us suggestion. At NFD we listen to our customers. ^_^


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