Gals Just Wanna Have Fun! ^_^

Eiyo darling, skrang nie is already sunday afternoon. Hmm,..........time moves really fast. Weekend is almost over already. Tomorrow dah back to work, school, class..............hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X pe la. Macam mane pun kite kena enjoy whatever we are doing. Baru lah hidup sentiase happy and ceria slalu kan. Hehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So ho was your weekend? Ok'lah, in this new post i nak share with you all about my weekend with my girls at Mines. Me, Iza, and Madihah went out at Mines yesterday. We just went there for yam cha, lepak2, and movies. Kiteorg tengok movie Brave (Pixar's latest animation). The animation was awesome. Sgt cantik. Well, you know la Pixar and of the best animators in the world. Yeah! I'm a big fan of Pixar and Disney sjak dari dulu lagi. Jln citer dia pun best jgak. I like the Princess relationship with her mother. Very cute. Just like me and my omoni. Hehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, yesterday we were also joined by 2 Iza's guy friends. Fendi and Id. Fendi is new to me. I baru knal dia smalam. Id plak dah biase lepak with us. Memang dah friends pun ngan dia. Ok'lah, thats all for now. Kalo ade post i share lagi. Enjoy your weekend while it last my dear darlings. Have a good new week too. XoXo!

Having lunch at Popeye's with Iza (center), and Madihah (right).

With Madihah! ^_^

With Iza! ^_^

Geeky girls! Hehehehehehehe...........

Ice Age characters kuar. Wayhoo!


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