Miss A Suzy..........New Hairband-nista!

Eiyo peepz, kalo speaking sal hairband fashion tentu before this name yg korang tbayang would be Blair Walldorf or Leighton Meester kan. Well, biase la Blair Walldorf/Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl yg start popularkan fashion tu dulu. But now hairband fashion has found a new hairband-nista. People are longer thinking Blair Walldorf. Can you guess who? Hehehe............here's some clue. First she is a girl group idol member. Second- she's Korean. Third- her name begins with an "S". Now can you guess who? Yep! It's the lovely Miss A Suzy. She the new hairband-nista now. Hairband2 yg Suzy pakai sumer nyer cun2 and cute2. I like! Korang pernah tengok citer Big x (drama yg tengah hot at KBS skrang)? If you watch Big you can see pelbagai gaye hairband yg cute2 Suzy gaye kan. I think Suzy Miss A memang pandai bgaye. Gaye dia kena dgn umo dia yg mash remaje tu.

Ok'lah, here's some info about our new hairband-nista. Full name Bea Soo Ji (Suzy is a nickname), she is a singer, actress, model, and MC under JYP Entertainment. Suzy was born in Gwanju, South Korea on October, 10, 1994. Wow! She is sooooooooooo young. Baru 18 this year. Gadis zodiac libra ini is the youngest member of Miss A (Chinese-Korean girl group under JYP). Last year Suzy has won 3 awards- Hot New Star (Mnet 20's Choice Award), Best Rookie Actress for Dream High (KBS Drama Award), and Best New Couple with Kim Soo Hyun for Dream High (KBS Drama Award). This year plak Suzy has won another 3 awards- Best New Movie Actress for Introduction To Architecture ( 48th Baeksang Arts Award), Hot Female Movie Star for Introduction To Architecture (Mnet 20's Choice Award), and Best Female CF Star (CF Model Award). Wow!!!!!!!!!! Not bad for a new comer  and young star. Congratz Miss Suzy. Ok'lah itu saje about Suzy. Lets share some Suzy's hot stylish photos..................... XoXo!

Suzy with her trademark "Cat Ears Hairband".

Pink Bow Hairband. Comel!

Love that hairband!

Pretty in red.

Macam gaye Greek goddess pun ade.

Her new hot yellow mellow look in Big yg kini jadi ikutan ramai.

Ade style la you Suzy!

Love the hat and the dress.

Smokin hot in purple!

The winner! I like this style especially the blouse.


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