Romance Bloom (For Custom Made Special)

Romance Bloom Hairband/ RM60. Specially custom made for a customer's wedding.

Romance Bloom............special for weddings, formal events, fancy dress parties.

Dear all Neira Fadima Design lovers and all fashionista, in this post would like to share with you all about my new hairband design called Romance Bloom. This design is totally different from all the hairbands i've designed before. It is beautifully decorated with a roset ribbon, lace, and some hollies. This Romance Bloom Hairband can be worn for wedding (akad nikah or receptions), formal events, and also fancy dress parties. However, there aren't any stock for Romance Bloom Hairbands available at the moment. This Romance Bloom Hairband was specially custom made for one of my customer for her akad nikah. The reason i post about this hairband is just to promote to our customers what service NFD offer.  The normal price for this design is around RM60.00 (postpaid price will be charge differently according to your location and distance). If any customer is interested to custom made any hairbands design for a special occasion do feel free to write to us at You can also name any designs that you like. We will make it for you. At Neira Fadima Designs we listen to our customers. Tq.

PS: Payment can only be made by Wang Kiriman Post. No bank in.


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