My Japan Vacation 2012! ^_^

Okay guys,'s the moment you all been waiting for. I'm ready to share with you all my Japan trip journal and photos...............

During our Japan trip we've visited Tokyo, Hakone, and Kyoto.  We've first arrived at Haneda International Airport on the 8 of July. When we've first arrived in Tokyo all we've do was just rest becoz it was already 11.30 pm. The next day we've visited Harajuku! Yay! Tcapai juge impian aku nak visit Harajuku. Harajuku is an amazing place for all fashionistas. Pelbagai jnis style dan gaye dpt dilihat kat sane. If you never been to Harajuku that means you never been to any fashion city. Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! No harm! But Harajuku is much better and fun then Paris, Milan, and London. On the same day we've also visited Shibuya. We just when there to take picture and visited Hachiko statue. Hachiko is loyal dog. Pnah tengok x movie lakonan Richard Gear, Hachiko? Movie tu base on this true story la. Every afternoon, Hachiko slalu tunggu tuan dia balik pade kejer kat Shibuya train station. One day tuan nyer kembali kpd Allah S.W.T. Namun Hachiko x pnah putts ase. The loyal dog sentiase dok situ tunggu tuannya balik. Shingga ke akhir hayat nyer Hachiko tunggu kat situ. Begitulah kisah Hachiko. Tharu. Besides Harajuku and Shibuya we've also visited Tokyo Tower, The Shrine, Shinjuku, Ahkibara, and naik cruise.

Itu citer kat Tokyo. After Tokyo we've visited Hakone plak. We were there only for 1 day. Kat Hakonea x dek byk sgt benda yg nak tengok. Just chillax and lpak2 at resort jer. Hakonea is a forest on top the mountain. Tempat tengok nature jer la. However, i like Hakonea. Resort yg kiteorg duduk tu best and sooooooooo comfy.

After we are done with Hakone, kiteorg gie Kyoto plak. Kat Kyoto pun kiteorg x lame. Just 2 days jer.  At Kyoto we've visited Nara Park. That's where we've meet all the deers. Cute! We've also visited the temple nearby our hotel and jln kat bandar dia. Kyoto is an old Japanese city. Bandar dnyer x sbsar Tokyo. But it is still a nice city. Tringin nak visit Kyoto lagi skali. Oh yeah, have i mention you that at Kyoto kiteorg dok Ryokan Hotel? Yup! Ryokan Hotel is an old Japanese traditional style hotel. But it is really nice. The hotel have traditional and western room. My parent dok western room. I dok traditional room. Ok'lah lpas tu ape lagi? Kiteorg fly balik Malaysia. Ok'lah, thats all i nak share. XoXo!

My Pics At Tokyo

At Shibuya. Inilah dia Hachiko the loyal dog.

Sdah sampai Harajuku the place for every fashionista!

Harajuku Girls knows how to have fun!

Wow! Ralip nyer aku shopping at Harajuku.

In front of Tokyo Tower.

Looking down from the look down window at Tokyo Tower.

Naik cruise.

You see back there? Thats the Sky Tree Tower. The tailors building in the world now.

Shinjuku............very modern and high tech area in Tokyo.

My Pics At Hakone

At Hakone with my Dad.

This is the resort we've stayed.

My Pics At Kyoto

The deer at Nara Park.

My Dad kasi makan kat deers.


Tu dia Kyoto Tower waktu malam.

The temple nearby our hotel at Kyoto. Blakang tu!

Inilah temple nyer. Also recognize by Unesco.


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