New Collection- Darling Rose. Available now!!!!!!!!!!

Dear all fashionistas, sorry krn dah lame x dek new post. I baru jek balik from my holiday in Japan. Konichiwa! Hehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sronok shopping kat Japan tau. Pelbagai jnis fashion ade kat sane. Ok'lah, tujuan i tulis this new post is not to share with you all about my Japanese holiday yet. That one later ok. I blum select pics yg i nak share dlm blog nie. So you have to wait  for that one ok.

Ok'lah, the reason i compose this new post is to promote to you about Neira Fadima new Hairband Collection. This new collection is called Darling Rose. Each hairband is nicely decorated with 3 colors roset. This design is special for young girls who like to stylish, fashionable, sweet, and charming. The design gives the wearer a sweet romantic elegant look. It can be worn for casual, parties, and formal dinner. 

Right now, this Darling Rose Hairband is only available in 3 colors- red, blue, and cream. The selling price for this new collection is only RM20.00. Quite affordable. So what are you waiting for? Raye dah dekat. Ape kate anda, serikan pnampilan anda utk lebaran ini dgn Darling Rose Hairband yg molek ini. For orders or more info pls write to us at You can also custom made this design according to the color you like. At NFD we listen to what our customer has to say. Tq. XOXO!

Darling Rose Red. Selling at RM20.00.

Darling Rose Blue. Selling at RM20.00.

Darling Rose Cream. Selling at RM20.00


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