Anyeong South Korea 2014

Anyeong hasehyo chingus, dah lame i x share any stories kat blog nie kan. Sorry, being so busy lately with job hunting sampai lupe nak post any new stories. Ok'lah, memandangkan kite bukan nyer ade byk mase sgt kat sinie, so let me trus share my last holiday experience with you all in South Korea.......

Last January, me and my family when for a vacation in South Korea again for the second time. Time tu MAS buat promotion from KL to Incheon, Seoul. So ticket murah. That's we cancel our plan to Europe. Hehehe! Kali nie kiteorg pegi 2 tempat kat South Korea- Busan and Seoul. 

Well, it was our first time to Busan, and Busan was amazing. Kat Busan kami visited Jagalchi Fish Market yg tkenal sgt sag pasar seafood, Busan Tower, and Haundea Beach. Ok'lah, x nak citer panjang sgt ape yg kami buat kat Busan. Let's share some piccaz. Let pictures do the story ok.............

With Eomoni at Jagalchi Fish Market.

Pelbagai seafood ade kat Jagalchi. Hehehe!

At Busan Tower

This is where they always held Busan International Film Festival ^_^

At Hauendea Beach ^_^

Busan Aquarium

The Mermaid of Haeundea

Diamond Bridge at Heaudea. Yeppuda! ^_^

Okies ^_^ So above are all our experience in Busan. Now time share my experience in Seoul puler. This is our (me and Abeoji only, Eomoni dah 3 kali singgah Seoul) second time in Seoul. This second time is more fun and meaningful. Lagi byk tempt yg best2 kiteorg dpt visit this time. This time we've stayed at Insadong (national souvenir shopping district), so lagi senang la nak shop for authentic stuffs. Ok, here is some piccaz.

Graffiti Wall at Honggik Street.

Hello Kitty Cafe Seoul. Very gyeonea place. Good for a girls day out ^_^

Honggik Univeristy. Insya'Allah kalo ade rezeki nak jer sambung PhD/DBA here. Hehehe.........Insya'Allah. Amin.

At Nami Island ^_^

This is where they shot Winter Sonata ^_^

E-Land Cruise ^_^

With Pororo and Friends at Seoul Animation Center

Second time at Namsan Tower ^_^

At K-Live. This is a place where K-Pop Fans should visit in Seoul. Rugi kalo korang x trun sinie. 

Lotte Fitin. Mall for K-Pop lovers!

Gwanghamun Stream.

Shopping at Insadong in the snow. It was snowing the last 2 days we were in Seoul ^_^

Ok'lah, thats all I wanna share with you guys. Hope to see you again soon. Insya'Allah dlm mase tdekat nie I akan share with you all sumer about a nice place for a girls day out in Seoul. Bkaitan dgn journal di Korea nie la juge. Hehehe..............stay tune ^_^


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