Sweet MBA Memories ^_^

Holla back guys! I'm back for another new post. I've recently just completed my MBA studies. So ade sdikit memories manis and pahit nak share dgn you guys sumer sal my MBA experience at UKM GSB. Doing MBA at UKM GSB is one of the best chapter of my life. So many new knowledge about the business world i've learned, so many new friends (local and international) I've made. Kinda sad now its over lol. Huhuh! But life have to move on.

Sem 1

I've started my MBA during February 2012. During our Sem 1 we took all Business Administration basics  subjects that included Marketing Management, Financial Management, Organizational Management, and Account Management. Sem 1 was quite hard for us. Subject yg paling nightmare for me and my pals is Finance. Ayoyo! Actually Financial Management was quite a fun subject to learn tapi sayang nyer gua nie bute kit bab numbers. So subject to agak sukar la. Macam mane pun syukur Alhamdulillah at least i lulus that subject. Subject yg paling best pade i is Marketing. I memang minat Marketing Management. Subject dia memang fun. After all it is my bidang. Hehehe! During sem 1, friends yg i paling rapat is Sofia and Yati. Huhuh!

Me, Sofia and Yati. 3 naughty girls! Dah byk prubahan juge kami skrang.

From left: Yati, Sofia, and ME. Selfie adalah activity kami sblum start kuliah ^_^

Last class after Marketing Management presentation ^_^

Sem 2

Sem 2 starts after raye 2012. Sem 2 is much more challenging then sem 1. During sem 2 kiteorg dah start with major masing2. Me major in Marketing, Sofia major in HR, Yati plak buat General MBA. So x sumer class kiteorg same cumber core subjects jer like Economics, and Business Law & Ethics. But we are still close lol. During Sem 2, subject yg paling mcabar skali is Marketing Research. Hehehe, research writing is quite hard lol. But also lots of fun. I can say that although it is hard but I've actually enjoy studying it. And ofcoz, Dr Teh is really sweet ^_^

With Yati. Before Economics class.

Sem 3

Sem 3 was the best semester ever! I've experience a lot of new things during sem 3. Although during sem 3, I've undertook more subjects then before, but i still feel enjoy and relax. I can say that i feel less stress during sem 3 compare to sem 1 and 2. The lecturers are much better, happy go lucky, and plus most of the subjects taken are more suitable to my choice of career. Bak kate memang i minat la. Especially New Product Development, Sales Management, and Service Marketing. Memang best ketige2 subject nie. Tiap2 pagi nak start kuliah during sem 3 i sentiase rase bsmangat nak mulekan hari. During sem 3 i also go to campus almost everyday. During sem 3 nie juge la i start to be active and take part in most curriculum activities at UKM. Tapi mase sem 3 nie I dah kurang rapat kit dgn Sofia and Yati. Yelah kiteorg class lain2. I only see them during MIS class jer. What to expect. Mase sem 3 nie I lbih rapat dgn Heather ( a cute girl from China). Heather memang cool and happy go lucky. Everytime I stress, I jumpe Heather trus mood jadik happy. Hehehe! That's why Heather is one of my angels. Hehehe! I also improve a lot in my studies during sem 3 and was really satisfied. Syukur Alhamdulillah ^_^

With my angel who always makes me happy, Heather. Miss you so much Heather!

With Tasha. A friend i meet during Strategic Management class. 

With Heather and Dr Nik Hazrul (our New Product Development Lecturer!.......and he is the coolest!)

Class party.Golly! I miss you guys! All of you!

Sem 4

Mase sem 4, i x byk citer at UKM GSB coz i went for my internship at Kumpulan Media Karangkraf. I was send there for the position of Research & Development Executive. It was really good to have the experience working in the Creative Writing and Publishing Industry. So many new knowledge learned. Thanx Pn Adlin and Pn Sri Diah for giving me and chance. 

Me at Kumpulan Media Karangkraf.

With my pals at UKM GSB Annual Dinner

With Ace Long. The coolest guy from China ^_^


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