Sayangku Casper (A Novel Review)

Sayangku Casper a romantic novel by Mazni Anita. Best!

Bonjour ^_^ (Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!! Speaking French plak kali nie). How are you all doing lately? Fuh!!!!!!!! Dah dkat phujung dah bulan March. Kjap jer lagi dah nak masuk bulan April. Kjap jer rase :p Tak sampai 5 hari jer lagi my birthday (31 March). Yay me!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

Okies, dlm post before this I recently just share dgn you all about 'Trending Drama Dan Novel', where I've discuss with you all about minat pembace dan penonton tang pemilihan drama dan novel same jer mase kini. X dek beza sgt. Well, the post before was actually my essay assignment during my internship at Grup Buku Karangkraf. I was asked to do research drama and novel trends and write about it. Sbab tu dlm post brikut ayat sumer proper x dek rojak. But it is all my own writing ok. Hehehe!!!!!!!!! No copy and paste :P

Ok'lah, dlm new post nie bkaitan dgn novel jgak. I just nak share my opinion on a novel I've recently read. Tajuk nyer 'Sayangku Casper', written by Mazni Anita. Novel nie dah lame actually. It was published in the year 2011. Tapi baru bace skrang. Hahaha............that's why my friend, Lynn suke gelakkan i, kate i bace novel yg dah updated. Well, what to do. Actually, i love reading novels. But there times (actually most) i'am busy and have other task to handle so x sempat la nak keep updated bace novel jer. Huhuhu! After all it is a novel. Not magazine. Novel is evergreen. X la updated ok. Hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've really enjoyed reading Sayangku Casper. It is a very cute novel. Jln cerita dia sgt comel, sweet, and romantic. It is a romantic comedy ofcuz. Jln cerita novel ini juge lebih kurang same dgn kbykkan drama2 Korea. Tu yg fun. Kalo bace dlm most review yg other bloggers tulis, jln cerita novel yg ditulis oleh Mazni Anita nie lebih kurang drama Korea 'My Girl' (lakonan Lee Dae Hae and Lee Dong Wook), and it is also a modern version of Cinderella fairy tale.

This novel is about a young girl name, Tia Adila who is not very lucky. Unlike Cinderella, Tia is also bullied my her step mother and sister. But things started to change when Tia by accidentally met a handsome young man name Tengku Rafique. Tengku Rafique came to Malaysia on a mission to search for Madame Marianne long lost biological grand daughter, Adelie de Casper. But unfortunately, the real Adelie has already pass away 15 years ago. So Tengku Rafique ask for Tia Adila's help to disguise as Adelie. That's where things start to hit up. Auw!

Besides just the story line, I also like the way Mazni Anita wrote this novel. Mazni Anita's writing is very urban compare to other novelist in Malaysia. Memang x jemu bace novel Sayangku Casper nie. I also love the plot in the story. Most of the plot (i can say 90%) are in Paris, the city of love. Hehehe!!!!!!!! Bace novel nie buat i rindu nak gie Paris lagi. Dah dkat 7 years dah since the last time I've visited Paris. Plus novel nie plak is about fashion. So lagi la sronok bace! And in this novel, I paling duke character Tengku Rafique. He is cute, kind, and charming. Similar to Song Woo Bin (Kim Joon) character in Boys Over Flowers.

I can say that Sayangku Casper is a very exiting novel. Kalo ade yg blum bace, i suggest you guys go to the book store and grab snaskah. Rugi kalo x bace. Even cover novel dia pun sgt cantik dan menarik. It shows that this novel is very urban compare to other malay romance novels. The graphic designer really have a good taste. Ok'lah, that's all for now. Revouir ^_^

Beautiful Paris. 90% of the plot in the novel are in the romantic city of love ^_^ Rindu nyer nak trun Paris lagi .

Aik!!!!!!! Apsal lak gambar Prince Song Woo Bin (Kim Joon) masuk dlm post nie? Hehehe...........actually this is my imagination of how Tengku Rafique look like since the character is similar to Prince Song in BOF. That's the best thing about reading novel. You can imagine your own hero ^_^


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