Hello Kitty Cafe Seoul (Good Place For A Girls Day Out!)

Anyeong ^_^!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm back! Hehehe..........kjap jer kan kali nie. Okies, spt yg i dah janjikan for this post i nak share dgn you about a spot yg memang best giler and gyeonea for a girls day out. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!! Mesti girls pun suke topic nie kan. Well, a cool spot to lighten up your most memorable moment with your gal pals. 

Ok'lah, in this post i nak share dgn you one the best place or spot I've visited in Seoul- Hello Kitty Cafe. Hello Kitty Cafe is situated at Honggik Street. Cafe nie memang gyeonea giler. Kpd sumer pminat Hello Kitty sure suke tempat nie. This cafe memang cute and also a cool place for all girls to have a girls day out together. Huhuhu! Tringin sgt I one day nak lpak Kat HKC Seoul dgn my angels. Sure gempaq giler kite sumer bselfie nanti. Hehehe! Insya'Allah ^_^

Plus this cafe juge dihiasi dgn Hello Kitty style interior in it. Very pinkilicious. Siap dgn all the decos, furnitures, even food & beverages sumer trade mark Hello Kitty. Slain tu, cafe nie juge jual merchandise Hello Kitty. Ok'lah, let's share some piccaz....................

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng! Nie dia the full panorama of Hello Kitty Cafe Seoul. Comel kan??? ^_^

The interior inside sumer concept Hello Kitty. Very gyeonea!


Hello Kitty Merchandise yg dijual di Cafe ini.

Even furniture dia pun shape Hello Kitty ^_^

Story wall ^_^

Strawberry Ice Cream Cake. Sdap giler! It is made of fresh cream. So you can feel the strawberry original taste.

Hello Kitty Tumbler i bought at the cafe! ^_^

Ok. That's all for now. Memang sronok lpak kat Hello Kitty Cafe nie. Insya'Allah one day i'll be back at HKC Seoul with Madihah, Heather, Iza, Raden, Mel, Hunny, Fadet, and Azliza to enjoy our GDO. Hehehe! ^_^


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