Dedication For Abuji

Eiyo peeps, how you all doin? Last weekend kiteorg gie Kluang Mall for pnyampaian hadiah for Fathers Day contest. I was invited becoz i won one of the sagu hati prize. Well, hadiah dia x la bear sgt. Just a goodie bag jer. Dlm tu ade T-Shirt Kluang Mall, one mineral water, coupons. Macam mane pun x pe la. At least it is still a prize. Huhuh! Sumer nyer khas utk my Abuji. Ok'lah, thats all. I just nak share with you all the poem/ dedication for my Abuji. Thats all. (This is the one i wrote for the contest)

May I  always have an angel by my side,
Watching out for e in all the things i do,
Reminding me to keep believing in brighter days,
Finding ways for my wishes and dreams to come true,
Giving me hope that is a certain as a sun,
Giving me the strength of serenity as my guide,
May i always have love and comfort and courage.

May i always have an angel by my side,
Someone there to catch me when i fall,
Encouraging my dreams,
Inspiring my happiness,
Holding my hand and helping me through it all.

In all of our days, our lives are always changing,
Tears come along as well as smiles,
Along the road we travel,
May the miles be a thousand times more lovely then lonely.
Syukur to Allah S.W.T for giving me a gift that never ever ends:
Thats you Abuji!
Someone wonderful to love and a father in whom I can confide.
Dear Abuji,
May you have rainbows after every storm.
May you have hopes to keep you safe and warm.

And may you always have an angel by your side.

Sarangheyo, Abuji.

by: Fatin Munira, Fathers Day 2012


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