Jejaka Korean Idaman Gadis Melayu Skrang?

An nyung ha seh yo, yawl? I was reading InTrend's June issue smalam about K-Pop and Hallyu stars yang skrang mjadi pujaan dan idaman gadis2 melayu. Wow! Even i'm also into K-Pop and Hallyu now. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, it is true that Korean guys are mostly cute, absolutely  handsome, hot, charming, and ade style.  Tapi ape yg mbuatkan diaorg more special then Malays, Latinos, and mat saleh guys? Huhuh!!!!!!!!!! According to InTrend,............this Korean guys are charismatic, sweet (i mean the attitude), intelligent, smart , intellectual. Yup! I agree! Kalo tengok most Korean dramas and movie, it potrays Korean mans are very gentlemen ( they know how to respect others and treat a women well) and most of them bpengan kpd adat. Maybe thats why Korean guys jadi idaman gadis2. Hehehe............this is a reminder to all the guys............girls suke SNAG (Sensitive New Age Gentlemen). Even i pun smitten. Huhuh! Besides dramas, kalo kite tengok their gossip website, Korean artist x byk pun citer2 x snonoh tentang diaorg. Lbih byk citer yg inspiring pun such as their celebrities doing charity work, and the other good stuffs. Most Korean celebs pun bukan dyer stakat bgantung pade paras ruper, glamour, and popularity. But most of them also universities graduate. Most Korean guys are Brains and Brawn . That's awesome! Idola macam nie la yg our local pop culture perlukan. Ok'lah thats all i wanna share. See you next time. Saranghen. Piong! Piong! Piong!

South Korean hunky actor- Won Bin. He's the first Korean guy i have a crush on. According to most source Won Bin is not just handsome, he is also very smart, and kind. He have done a lot of charity work before. God bless ya Won Bin.

Lee Min Ho. Boys Over Flowers hottie. He is no1 in InTrend's Hot Korean Guys list.

Kim Joon of T-Max. This guy is really Brains and brawn! Even he's character (Song Woo Bin) in BOF is also Brains and brawn.


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