Maya Karin...........Amazing Asian Beauty

Hello, hello everyone! Kalo sbut name Maya Karin tentu korang knal kan? Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!! Sape lagi kalo bukan Malaysia's most beautiful actress yg pnah hot dlm film2 like Ombak Rindu, Cun, Pontianak Harum, Duyung, Anak Halal, and Seri Dewi Malam. Huhuh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Well, i really admire Maya Karin. I think she is very pretty, a great actress (lakonan dia sentiase best), a fashionista, a beauty icon, and she knows how to take care of herself well (i don't think she is sombong or kekwat like most people said). Hehehe...........ok'lah..........thats all. Lets see some of Maya's hot pictures. XoXo!

Ini dia the amazing Asian beauty...........Miss Maya Karin. ^_^

As an endorser for L'Oreal.

Love the dress! So elegant!

This is not any bollywood beauty. Its our very own Maya Karin. Yay!

Manis btudung. As Izah in Ombak Rindu.

With Ombak Rindu co star........Lisa Surihani (left)


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